3 Key Takeaways coming from Tuesday’s Primary Results

Virginia Republicans voted for Corey Stewart. South Carolina decided the item was done with Mark Sanford. in addition to Democrats spurned insurgents coming from the activist left.

Corey Stewart with supporters at an election night party in Woodbridge, Va.CreditTom Brenner/The fresh York Times

the item’s a fresh G.O.P.

For many years, Republican voters in Virginia’s affluent in addition to highly educated Washington suburbs tended to reward mainstream candidates who could be competitive within the general election. although on Tuesday, the item was Fairfax County, the population hub of the region, that will delivered victory for Corey Stewart, the flame-throwing Trump acolyte who has won national attention with his paeans to Confederate emblems.

Mr. Stewart narrowly defeated Nick Freitas, a state lawmaker, thanks to a decisive win in Fairfax County. in addition to a third candidate who has also made his name as a provocateur, E.W. Jackson, carried 14 percent within the county with the third-highest median income in America.

So what is actually happening in Fairfax?

As the county has, like different high-income suburbs around the country, become more Democratic-leaning, the Republican Party has thinned out. The moderate wing of the party has dissipated, leaving a smaller in addition to firmly conservative activist bedrock. in addition to such voters care little about appeals to pragmatism — they are drawn to candidates who echo the president they embrace.

More coming from Tuesday night’s primaries

Virginia, South Carolina, Nevada, Maine in addition to North Dakota held primaries on June 12.

Jennifer Wexton, the Democratic primary winner in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, in addition to Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia at her election party in Sterling, Va., on Tuesday.CreditErin Schaff for The fresh York Times
Steve Sisolak, center, a Clark County commissioner, was congratulated by supporters after winning the democratic primary for Nevada governor in Las Vegas on Tuesday.CreditJoe Buglewicz for The fresh York Times

The night of triumph for the Democratic establishment was no aberration. Upstart liberals have won a few important primary elections in recent months, although for the most part Democratic voters in addition to Democratic leaders have worked in concert rather than conflict. There is actually little sign of a Democratic product of the Tea Party rebellion that will rocked the Republican Party in 2010, when G.O.P. activists revolted against a president they loathed — in addition to also against officials atop their own party.

Representative Mark Sanford lost his bid for re-election within the First Congressional District of South Carolina, with Katie Arrington beating him within the Republican primary.CreditHunter McRae for The fresh York Times