4 Film Series to Catch in N.Y.C. of which Weekend

Our guide to film series in addition to special screenings happening of which weekend in addition to from the week ahead. All our movie reviews are at nytimes.com/reviews/movies.

THE CINEMA OF GENDER TRANSGRESSION: TRANS FILM at Anthology Film Archives (July 13-20). The theater’s recurring series on films of which deal with transgender issues in addition to the rejection of gender stereotypes returns with two movies of which share a title nevertheless aren’t related: “Madame X: An Absolute Ruler” (on Sunday in addition to July 20) can be an allegorical extravaganza by the 1970s centered on a female pirate from the China Seas; the more recent “Madame X” (on Saturday in addition to Thursday) can be an Indonesian feature in which a hairdresser becomes a superhero. Also on the bill, Jennifer Montgomery’s “Deliver” (on Sunday in addition to Tuesday) remakes a staple of adventure film machismo, John Boorman’s “Deliverance” (1972), that has a cast of women.
212-505-5181, anthologyfilmarchives.org

‘ROPE’ at the Rubin Museum of Art (July 13, 9:30 p.m.). In 1948, in an interview with common Photography, Alfred Hitchcock described the shooting of what was then his latest picture — in which Farley Granger in addition to John Dall play Leopold-in addition to-Loeb-like murderers who host a dinner party for family in addition to associates of their victim — as “a little like unpuzzling a Rube Goldberg drawing.” His goal was to present a screen story set over the course of one evening in continuous action, similar to how of which might be performed onstage. The film unfolds in meticulously choreographed long takes. nevertheless the rare cuts — both to hide the ends of film reels in addition to for dramatic punctuation — occur at significant moments; pay attention, too, to the occasions when the camera crosses the stage line. All of which, in addition to of which was Hitch’s first coloration feature in addition to first collaboration with James Stewart. The Rubin can be showing of which as part of a series of 12 movies, each connected to a different astrological sign. (There’s a pointed line from the film about the fact of which Mr. Granger’s character can be a Cancer.)
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Z CHANNEL PRESENTS at the Metrograph (July 13-15). In “Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession,” Xan Cassavetes told the story of a 1970s in addition to ’80s Los Angeles cable movie channel whose programmer, Jerry Harvey, killed his wife in addition to himself in 1988. To accompany the 2004 documentary — which will screen on Saturday that has a Q. in addition to A. afterward — the Metrograph will show some highlights of the Z Channel’s heterodox programming. The titles include Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate” (on Friday in addition to Sunday), which ran on Z when the film was still largely regarded as a bomb in addition to had played in most of the country in a truncated edition; in addition to Stuart Cooper’s “Overlord” (on Sunday), which, despite having won a prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 1975, went unreleased theatrically from the United States until 2006. The story of a British soldier’s training during World War II, of which mixes dramatic sequences with archival footage.
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