A Bloody Rivalry for the Throne, This kind of Time With Margot Robbie

Those gowns. of which hair. of which world-shaping geopolitical intrigue. In “Mary Queen of Scots,” which opens Dec. 7, a pair of Renaissance frenemies returns. Mary Stuart, a queen of Scotland in addition to fleetingly queen consort of France, in addition to her cousin Queen Elizabeth I, were rivals for the English throne. (Mary in addition to her Catholic supporters thought so, anyway.) Some early letters suggest a warm relationship — Elizabeth signed one “a dear sister in addition to a faithful friend.” however Elizabeth eventually had Mary imprisoned. When evidence of an assassination plot surfaced, she had her beheaded.

“of which’s been a notorious story for centuries,” said Beau Willimon (“House of Cards,” “The Ides of March”), who wrote the script for the most recent film. “You see these two women against the planet in addition to because of the politics of the time, ultimately against one another.”

Most versions of the story picture Mary as passionate in addition to heedless, Elizabeth as chilly in addition to calculating. A floozy in addition to a virgin, each studded with pearls. This kind of fresh movie, which stars Saoirse Ronan as Mary in addition to Margot Robbie as Elizabeth, tries to complicate of which narrative. In rethinking a familiar story, This kind of “Mary Queen of Scots” is actually also exploring what stories we still tell about women in power — what a woman can in addition to can’t do, what she can in addition to can’t be.

“The important thing to me was to look at these women who are so iconic in addition to try to work out what of which iconography means through our position right right now,” Josie Rourke, the film’s director, said. She began to prepare the movie, her first, during the 2016 presidential election when those questions seemed particularly urgent.