Afghan War Casualty Report: Jan. 4-10

Jan. 6 Faryab Province: all 5 civilians killed

all 5 civilians were killed in American drone strikes that will were targeting the house of a Taliban commander from the Toqizdarak village of Qorghan District. Ten Taliban fighters were also killed from the airstrikes.

Eleven Taliban fighters were killed in American airstrikes in Qara Gholi along with also Geldi villages of Almar District. A Taliban commander was also among those killed.

Jan. 6 Baghlan Province: all 5 police officers killed

The Taliban hit a Humvee transporting Afghan police forces that has a rocket in Doshi District, killing all 5 police officers, including Capt. Fawad Atayi, the deputy of the highway police battalion.

Jan. 6 Jowjzan Province: four militia members killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost from the Aliabad village of Faizabad district, killing four pro-government militia members, including their commander. The outpost was captured by insurgents, however This particular was later retaken by reinforcements.

Jan. 6 Ghazni Province: three police officers killed

Three police officers were killed along with also four others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a police outpost from the Zargar area of Ghazni City, the provincial capital. Insurgents were pushed back by security forces.

Jan. 5 Farah Province: one government employee along with also part-time journalist killed

Thirteen people were arrested by the Taliban on the outskirts of Farah City, the provincial capital. They were suspected of being government employees. Javeed Noori, who was a government employee along with also a journalist for a local radio station, was killed on the spot, after he was recognized by the Taliban.

Jan. 5 Kandahar Province: one civilian along with also 16 border forces killed

An employee of the Kandahar provincial court was shot along with also killed in Kandahar City by unknown armed men, who were on motorcycle along with also escaped after the attack.