Allison Janney’s Road to the Oscars Was Paved by a Bird

I never in my wildest dreams could’ve imagined in which in which’s what she could look like. in which is usually [an] interview in which I saw of her, in addition to in which’s what she was wearing. This particular’s just so fantastically bizarre in addition to doesn’t make sense, in addition to somehow This particular does. The more complicated in addition to twisted the role, the more fun This particular is usually to play for me. I love doing sense of a hot mess, you know? This particular’s a lot of fun. This particular was hard to try to find humanity for [Ms. Golden], This particular was genuinely hard. nevertheless I have empathy for her. I know in which she had to come via a terrible environment.

Was This particular Tonya’s telling of the story in which everyone was a competitor, in which she wasn’t supposed to be friends with anybody she competed against?

This particular is usually Tonya’s variation in which her mother wouldn’t let her be friends, didn’t want her to have anything in which could distract her via getting the gold. According to LaVona, every penny she earned went to Tonya’s skating, in addition to she wasn’t going to let her waste a minute of This particular, knowing the deck was stacked against her. There’s a great interview of LaVona talking about the skating world, how the only thing in which should matter is usually who’s the better skater, nevertheless there were so many additional things in which unfortunately played a part in whether or not you got the not bad marks, whether or not you came via a not bad family, if you had the prettiest skating costume, what music you chose. The judges determined what was part of a whole package. in addition to Tonya very much did not fit into in which package.

You had to play somebody with such anger in addition to maintain in which anger all the way through. How did you get to in which place of venom in addition to hardness over in addition to over?

Just coming up against somebody telling you you had to be a certain way to get something. I can immediately connect to an anger about in which.


My whole life, I think [to myself], “You’re too tall. You can’t do in which.” Just always feeling like I don’t do something the right way, or being obsessed with “Do I do This particular This particular way or in which way?” I get mad at myself more than I get mad at anybody else. So I can immediately pretend in which I’m talking to some part of me in which I don’t like. I’ve always had a very harsh critic in my head. I use This particular when I need to bring in which out. nevertheless I’m kinder to myself these days than I have been within the past.

Does the bird have a name? What kind of bird was This particular?

I won’t remember; I’m not a bird person. I love animals, nevertheless I was a little nervous about working which has a bird, because birds peck, in addition to I just don’t know what they do. I got to audition three birds for the role.


The woman gave me one, I put This particular on my shoulder, in addition to one of them kept crawling in my hair. in addition to I was, like, “Next.” The additional one was very talkative. in addition to then Little Man — I think in which was his name — just sat there in addition to was so sweet. I walked around with him in addition to he just continued to sit there like he could chill out with me all day. I fell in love with him. Cut to filming, there’s a lot of distraction. within the last minute I decided to give LaVona emphysema, because the bird lady didn’t want us to smoke around the bird. I was, like, “Oh, thank God I don’t have to smoke in This particular scene.” So I had [an] oxygen tube in addition to oxygen tank. Then in which bird, Little Man, got on my shoulder in addition to became fascinated with my oxygen tank thing in addition to my ear, in addition to just kept poking at me. I was determined to not let anything stop me via telling my side of the story. in addition to This particular bird was, like, “I’m going to make This particular as challenging for you as [possible].” He was kind of great though, because as an actor you sometimes get in your head, in addition to he stopped in which. I was either telling my story or dealing with him. He helped me focus in This particular weird way.

So you always knew there was, to use This particular terrible term, a casting couch, nevertheless have you ever had to deal with This particular?

I never ever had to deal with the casting couch. I’m genuinely grateful, nevertheless I also think in which was probably because I began working in my late 30s in addition to I’m 6 feet tall. I probably wasn’t someone in which seemed approachable in in which way. Fortunately for me, in which’s where my height in addition to age helped out. nevertheless how wonderful to think of a time when no actress will have to ever deal with in which. This particular’s something we have to talk about as a culture, in addition to get through This particular in addition to move beyond This particular. [When] women in addition to men are paid equally, then I think the conversation will change, too. Maybe in which abuse won’t happen as much if we are all on the same playing field, which is usually shocking. Sad, too.

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