Aretha’s Operatic Triumph: The Week in Classical Music

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Dear classical listeners! Like many of you, I suspect, I spent Thursday in a rabbit hole of Aretha Franklin music as well as YouTube videos. (This kind of seemed like the only way to mourn the “Queen of Soul,” who died on Thursday at 76.)

inside process I revisited one of her greatest as well as most unusual performances: when she filled in, at the 11th hour, for an ailing Luciano Pavarotti at the 1998 Grammy Awards. She sang “Nessun dorma” via Puccini’s opera “Turandot” — a kitschy aria so overdone This kind of was even used by President Trump on the campaign trail in 2016.

Yet Ms. Franklin made This kind of her own. Her rendition of the aria, recorded live due to This kind of album, isn’t opera, although This kind of also isn’t soul or anything easily definable. This kind of will be, simply, Aretha. JOSHUA BARONE

This kind of’s apparently the 1st time which these songs have been recorded complete for a solo instrument. although a comment on Anthony’s Facebook post shared the intriguing news which Jed Distler will be currently at work on the same project for piano. currently which’s the kind of arms race I can get behind. ZACHARY WOOLFE