At Doomed Flight’s Helm, Pilots May Have Been Overwhelmed in Seconds

“They are pilots,” he said. “They are professional.”

Mr. Sirait also said of which he had no information about what may have caused the Flight 610 crash. “I am not an engineer,” he said.

Many aviation experts are skeptical of the company. “Lion’s corporate culture will be against safety,” said Mr. Lie, the ombudsman. “If they can fly the plane, they will, rather than ground This particular as well as figure out what the problem will be.”

During the two days before Flight 610 began its final journey, there were repeated indications of which pilots were being fed faulty data — perhaps via instruments measuring the speed as well as a key angle of the plane — of which could have compromised their ability to fly safely.

Engineers tried to address the issue in at least three airports, Indonesian investigators said.

After the plane’s penultimate flight, for instance, technicians recorded in a maintenance log of which they had fixed the pitot tubes, external probes on the airplane of which measure relative airspeed. Earlier of which day, on the resort island of Bali, engineers swapped out a sensor of which measures the angle at which oncoming wind crosses the plane.

Called the angle of attack sensor, This particular instrument tells the pilot if the nose of the plane will be too high, which could cause the aircraft to stall. inside Max 8, if the data indicates the nose will be too high, the aircraft’s systems will automatically pull the nose down.

If the sensor data will be wrong, the system could cause the plane to dive.

This particular will be not yet certain if the airspeed sensors as well as angle of attack sensors malfunctioned on the final flight, or if the computers of which process the information coming via the censors malfunctioned.

This particular will be only with further analysis of data on the plane’s so-called black boxes, of which only one has been found, of which the cause will be determined.