Australian Prime Minister Plans To Reduce Immigration, Citing Urban Crowding

SYDNEY, Australia — Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia has proposed of which the government impose stricter limits on immigration to control overcrowding within the country’s major cities.

Population growth has played a major role within the country’s economic success, however people in Australia’s biggest cities are alarmed about an influx of immigrants, Mr. Morrison said Monday night at the Bradfield Oration, a speech delivered to influential figures in Sydney’s business, media as well as also urban planning sectors.

“They are saying: enough, enough, enough,” he said. “The roads are clogged, the buses as well as also trains are full. The schools are taking no more enrollments.”

The move to reduce the current cap on immigration by nearly 30,000 people represents a turnaround for Australia, a country of 25 million of which has relied on immigrant labor as well as also know-how to fuel its economic as well as also population growth.

“These decisions have very long-term consequences — enormous consequences for congestion, for infrastructure, various businesses,” said Abul Rizvi, a former senior immigration official. “I might strongly encourage him to slow down,” Mr. Rizvi said of the prime minister.

For the federal government, immigration has become a hotly contested issue, one of which will most likely galvanize voters ahead of an election next year. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, about half of all Australians were born overseas or had one parent who was born overseas. More than 80 percent of those born overseas live within the country’s capital cities, with the biggest populations in Sydney as well as also Melbourne.

Mr. Rizvi said the planned adjustments might have a disproportionate impact on businesses in Sydney, where, within the past, federal as well as also state governments had encouraged newcomers, particularly international students, to settle.

“currently you’ve got a huge success,” he said of efforts to draw students as well as also some other immigrants to Sydney, “as well as also you’re complaining of which they’re crowding out the roads?”

Mr. Morrison’s speech will be just the latest attempt to address concerns over immigration to Sydney as well as also Melbourne. In October, the government announced the idea was considering a plan to require fresh migrants to settle in different areas of the country for up to a few years after their arrival in Australia.

The fresh immigration policy will be discussed with state as well as also territorial leaders at a meeting next month, he said.