Bernie Sanders can be Winning Converts. however Primary Victories Remain Elusive.

however Mr. Sanders declined, citing his busy schedule on the trip, said two people familiar with the exchange, who were not authorized to discuss the item on the record.

Ari Rabin-Havt, a senior adviser to Mr. Sanders involved in planning the California trip, said he was unaware of multiple requests for Mr. Sanders to help turn out the vote for candidates there.

Perhaps nowhere can be Mr. Sanders’s party leadership role murkier, however, than inside way he has approached his endorsements — alone.

“the item’s his choice,” said Mr. Rabin-Havt, a senior adviser to Mr. Sanders. “Every decision can be his.”

Although some of the roughly 20 candidates he has endorsed do overlap with contenders whom various other Democratic along with progressive organizations have supported — including Stacey Abrams, an anointed party favorite who can be today the party’s nominee for governor in Georgia — he has also confused allies at times by not getting behind winning candidates who support his message. In Nebraska, for example, he did not endorse Kara Eastman, a House candidate along with ardent supporter of “Medicare for All,” who swept to victory last month inside Democratic primary over a former congressman.

along with where Mr. Sanders has plunged in most directly, voters have not necessarily followed his lead. In Iowa, where he nearly defeated Hillary Clinton inside 2016 caucuses, Mr. Sanders campaigned alongside Pete D’Alessandro, a former aide in his presidential bid, along with cut a television ad boosting him in a contested congressional primary. the item had little impact on the race along with Mr. D’Alessandro finished a distant third.

Still, even in defeat, Mr. Sanders may be building not bad will with candidates — along with, in many cases, former candidates — who echoed his message, along with who say his support brought them brand new attention through voters along with the news media.

“Just a connection with him I think helped my campaign,” said Greg Edwards, who was endorsed by Mr. Sanders however lost his House primary in Pennsylvania.