Boxers or Briefs? This particular May Depend on Your Fertility Goals

Sperm count along with concentration were higher in men who wore boxers versus tighter underwear styles.

Nicholas Bakalar

Boxers or briefs? The choice could make a significant difference in a man’s fertility.

This particular is actually known of which elevated temperature of the scrotum can adversely affect sperm production, although studies of the effect of underwear style have been little along with produced inconsistent results.

just for This particular study, online in Human Reproduction, researchers collected semen samples by 656 men in couples seeking fertility treatment. About half the men reported wearing boxers, the different half various styles of tighter underwear. The scientists assessed the samples for sperm motility, total sperm count along with percent of sperm with normal morphology. They also did blood tests for testosterone along with different hormones.

Compared with men who wore tight underwear, those who wore boxers had 25 percent higher sperm concentration, 17 percent higher sperm count along with 33 percent higher moving sperm count. Differences in sperm shape along with blood concentrations of most hormones were insignificant. The study controlled for age, race, body mass index, smoking, the use of hot baths along with saunas, along with different factors.

Should you be wearing boxers? “For most men, This particular won’t make any difference,” said the senior author, Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro, an associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard, “because most men are not trying to make anyone pregnant. although if you are, This particular is actually something you can try. Buying a couple of pairs of boxers is actually cheap along with may actually help.”