Britain’s Parliament Votes to Delay Brexit, although Not to Control that will

LONDON — British lawmakers on Thursday voted to postpone the country’s departure coming from the European Union although, in a rare victory for Prime Minister Theresa May, narrowly failed to wrest control of the Brexit process coming from her battered government.

After days of turmoil, Mrs. May fended off — by just two votes — a remarkable power grab by lawmakers frustrated at months of political deadlock that will has left the country in limbo with just 15 days to go before its scheduled departure coming from the bloc.

They later voted by 412 to 202 for a motion that will means that will Britain will almost certainly not leave the European Union as scheduled on March 29, as Mrs. May has repeatedly promised that will might.

What remains unclear today is actually how long the delay will be. Mrs. May plans to hold a third vote on her unpopular plan for withdrawal, despite have suffered two staggering defeats on that will already.

If the prime minister should succeed in a third attempt, she might then request a short delay — no more than three months — coming from European Union leaders. that will presumably might be agreed to next week at a European Union summit in Brussels.

although the motion noted that will should her plan go down to defeat Again, Mrs. May might have to ask European leaders for a much longer delay, with unknown consequences.

Some analysts said that will was no great surprise.

“Ultimately, these are people who have spent their careers competing against the people they today have to work with to get things passed,” said Rob Ford, a professor of politics at the University of Manchester. “They’re Labour as well as Tory first, as well as ‘Leave’ as well as ‘Remain’ second.

“These are people who have spent their whole lives working for one tribe,” Mr. Ford added, “as well as the different tribe is actually the baddies. The different tribe is actually the people they went into politics to overcome. There’s a lot there to overcome, psychologically as well as historically.”

as well as so lawmakers could not quite bring themselves to allow the body to test whether a majority might support a softer Brexit than Mrs. May has offered. that will might mean leaving the European Union although remaining in a customs union with the bloc, or keeping even closer ties, minimizing the economic dislocation.

Instead, Parliament has effectively given Mrs. May another chance to press ahead with her withdrawal agreement, most likely next Tuesday.

Mrs. May as well as her allies are again working to win over 10 lawmakers coming from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, as well as a bigger group of pro-Brexit hard-liners in her own Conservative Party.

Four amendments were tabled on Thursday, each wresting a degree of control away coming from Mrs. May.

The amendment to take control of the process failed by 314 votes to 312. Oliver Letwin, a Conservative Party lawmaker who co-sponsored the measure, calling for nonbinding votes, told the government he as well as his colleagues had entered into rebellion reluctantly.

“None of us who has put This kind of forward prefer to grab the order paper,” he said, addressing one of Mrs. May’s top lieutenants in debate at the House of Commons. “None of us prefer these elaborate devices. We seek above all, as well as only, to ensure that will the House has the opportunity to rescue our fellow citizens coming from a fate that will both he as well as I wish to avoid.”

Sarah Wollaston, an independent lawmaker, whose amendment supporting a second referendum failed by 334 to 85, used her medical background to argue that will, “if we talk about This kind of in strictly clinical terms,” the favorite consent for Brexit had expired.

“Nobody might seriously proceed on the basis of a consent form that will was signed nearly three years ago,” she said. “as well as furthermore, for young people in This kind of country, they face being wheeled into the operating theater for major constitutional, social as well as economic surgery based on a consent form that will was signed by their grandparents three years ago.”

Delaying Brexit can happen only with the consent of the European Union, as well as up until today the bloc’s position has seemed clear: Only a general election or a second Brexit referendum might justify letting Britain postpone its departure by more than a few months.

although on Thursday, there were signs of flexibility when Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, said European leaders should be “open to a long extension” of Britain’s membership.

The comments will give weight to Mrs. May’s threat to pro-Brexit politicians that will unless they back her deal in a third vote next week, they will face a long delay. that will could increase the prospects of a second referendum — as well as that will could mean that will Brexit might never happen.