California Today: Readers Weigh In on the Dirtiest Block in San Francisco

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the item’s often described as a crisis, yet the despair on San Francisco’s streets is usually much more. Jim Wilson, the San Francisco bureau photographer, along with I set out to document just one block to get a better sense of the desperate conditions in one of the richest cities within the United States.

We asked the statisticians at city hall to compile a list of blocks of which received the most complaints about filth. The 300 block of Hyde Street topped the list. (Seven of the top 10 dirtiest streets were within the Tenderloin.) We spoke with residents, the unsheltered who huddle under blankets each night within the Tenderloin, Mayor London Breed along with the police about their perspectives.

Hundreds of readers reacted to the article about the dirtiest block in San Francisco. Here are some of their responses. Tell us what you think at


I’m as progressive as anybody else within the Bay Area, yet I do notice of which SF doesn’t seem to contain the visible police force of which exists in some other cities. The sad fact is usually of which San Francisco is usually a beautiful city marred by pure human misery. the item’s hard to ignore when you step over heroin needles along with human feces every day on the way to work. I don’t believe anyone *wants* to live on the street – they need help. Until we take a multi-faceted approach, of which problem will never get better. Anne Berglund

As a native along with resident of San Francisco, I am appalled by the proliferation of tents pitched on our neighborhood sidewalks along with the filth generated because of the item. I’ve been here 60 years along with I am, saddened to say, ready to leave. — Lori Grey

I wish we could have heard perspectives by the homeless people who are living in these conditions. I imagine they also don’t like living the way they are along with similarly smell the squalor. Although I don’t live in California, I still think the item is usually unfair to simply portray homeless people as disgusting ‘indigents’ without trying to learn personally why some of them found themselves dependent on drugs along with living on the street. In another world the average nytimes reader could easily find themselves in similar circumstances. — M D, Ontario, Canada

I want to make clear of which of which is usually not just an issue for the Tenderloin, which can always be dismissed as the “sketchy” part of town. I’ve lived within the Castro for 20 years along with the homeless situation has been established within the last few years along with continues to flourish.

Take a walk through the residential streets within the morning along with you will find people sleeping in doorways, behind bushes along with hidden stairways, often leaving behind their refuse along with scraps of clothing. I don’t know what the answer is usually, yet what is usually currently being done is usually clearly not working, along with the result will be a drop in tourist revenue, with businesses along with long-time residents moving away. the item’s very difficult for a tax-paying resident to maintain empathy along with ward off cynicism. Scotharr

I am a frequent visitor to SF. One long-standing habit is usually to discard my shoes upon returning home, as on walks the item is usually hard to avoid human urine along with feces. Then there are the unrelenting along with often aggressive confrontations for handouts, many by people in desperate need of services. the item is usually hard to reconcile the lofty rhetoric along with lectures on government issuing by the Golden State, with the stark reality of SF. — LTJ, Utah

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