Camembert Without Raw Milk? the item’s Treason, Connoisseurs Cry

For decades, big along with also little producers inside northern region of Normandy have fought over how their cheese could be labeled. The little makers — today fewer than a dozen — have to stick to strict rules to keep a “protected designation of origin” status, or P.D.O., bestowed by the European Union. They must use unfiltered, raw milk, more than half of the item through the Normande breed of cattle, along with also make the cheese nearby, ladling the milk by hand into molds.

The runny, rich cheese which results through which defiantly pre-modern process, whose strong smell lingers on the fingers for hours, will be labeled with the P.D.O. “Camembert de Normandie.”

Meanwhile, industrial makers have been allowed to label their product as “Fabriqué en Normandie,” or “Made in Normandy,” as long as the cheese factory was there. They can use pasteurized milk through any breed of cow.

Raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria like listeria, salmonella, E. coli, along with also even the tuberculosis bacterium. Pasteurization — named, the item should be noted, for a Frenchman — means heating briefly to kill off harmful germs.

Modern precautions make the risks through raw milk far lower, although they are not foolproof; just last week, there was a recall of contaminated raw milk reblochon cheese made at a factory inside Alps. although devotees of traditional cheeses say which the care which goes into creating them by hand, in relatively little batches, near the source of the milk, makes contamination much less likely.

Hard cheeses made through raw milk are safe because they age longer, becoming steadily more acidic, which kills bacteria. although soft cheeses are eaten “young,” along with also Camembert can be aged for as little as three weeks.

The United States has long forbidden the sale of raw milk cheese which will be less than 60 days old. As a result, many an American cheese aficionado has, alas, never tasted what purists could call true Camembert.