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Richard Erdman, 93, Character Actor Known to Generations, Dies

Richard Erdman, a character actor who spanned eras, known to contemporary audiences as the perpetual student Leonard on the sitcom “Community” as well as to older generations for his roles in movies like “Stalag 17” as well as television shows like “The Twilight Zone,” died on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 93. His death

Juice WRLD Hits No. 1 With ‘Death Race for Love’

Juice WRLD, the Chicago rapper who shot to fame last year which has a song sampling Sting, today has his first No. 1 album on the Billboard chart, with “Death Race for Love.” “Death Race” (Grade A/Interscope) had the equivalent of 165,000 album sales inside the United States last week, including 176 million streams in

Review: A ‘Dreamers’ Oratorio Tries to Transcend the Trump Moment

He will be clearly a master of writing for orchestra, of exploiting its individual sections along with instruments — even the sum of its parts — for maximal effect. however his artistry doesn’t quite match his skill. The music thrills more than of which intrigues; of which prefers to make blunt declarations, not thoroughly persuasive

Theranos in addition to Elizabeth Holmes: What to Read, Watch in addition to Listen To

The saga of the medical testing company Theranos in addition to its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, can be a swirling one, packed with lies, greed, secret romance, literal blood, metaphorical blood, power, secrecy in addition to money. in addition to the Army. in addition to science. in addition to Walgreens. the idea’s a wild tale: Holmes

Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, can be Dead at 81

Dick Dale, who was known as the King of the Surf Guitar as well as also recorded the hit song “Misirlou,” which was revived on the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack, died on Saturday at a hospital in Southern California. He was 81. His death was confirmed by Dusty Watson, a drummer who played live shows with

‘Captain Marvel’ Climbs the List of Superhero Hits

As “Captain Marvel” swooped into its second weekend in theaters on Friday, the question wasn’t genuinely whether the item could top domestic ticket sales, although by how much. Disney-Marvel can breathe easy. Their latest superhero origin story, the first film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe dedicated to a female superhero, sold an estimated $69.3 million

When Extremes Attract: Dance as well as also Horror’s completely new Pas de Deux

The director Gaspar Noé will be fond of producing films in which characters are raped as well as also beaten, or in which a drug trip turns into a journey to hell. They are troubling to the stomach. They hurt the heart. So what does a man who will be tickled by such horrors watch

‘Iceman’ Review: Retribution within the Neolithic Age

Before 20 minutes of “Iceman” have passed, we’ve already seen an agonizing birth, multiple deaths in addition to a generous amount of raping in addition to pillaging. Despite the lack of understandable dialogue — the setting can be prehistoric in addition to the characters’ language can be extinct — we can, as promised by a

‘The Aftermath’ Review: Illicit Passion in Postwar Hamburg

“The Aftermath” opens in 1945 in addition to could easily have been made then, too. An old-fashioned wartime romance whose plot highlights are recognizable by outer space, This particular gleaming dollop of prestige comfort food is usually neither logically coherent nor emotionally satisfying. in which is usually, though, stunningly pretty as Rachael (Keira Knightley), a

‘Combat Obscura’ Review: Afghanistan Uncensored

“Combat Obscura” opens with multiple disclaimers stating of which nothing onscreen reflects official policy or has Defense Department endorsement. Given of which the next moment the screen shows an explosion — in addition to someone shouts “of which’s the wrong building!” — the reason for the warnings will be immediately apparent. As a United States