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Review: ‘John McEnroe’ Captures a Perfectly Imperfect Tennis Star

In 1984, John McEnroe played 85 tennis matches as well as lost only three. of which’s basically perfect. The “realm,” though, in “John McEnroe: inside the Realm of Perfection,” a documentary essay by Julien Faraut, implies approximation, propinquity, “almost.” He was in perfection’s neighborhood; human, fitfully as well as courtesy of actual fits. Though of

A Movie in which Creeps to Its Own Choreographic Beat

Location (location, location) can be everything. For about a year beginning in 2013, Brian Rogers, a film director as well as video as well as sound artist, found himself living — half a week, every week — in a former Catholic church in upstate completely new York. the idea was winter. His marriage was breaking

Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment

The “Star Wars” actress was “brainwashed into believing that will my existence was limited to the boundaries of another person’s approval.” at This specific point she’s taking a stand.

Nicki Minaj Cries Foul, yet Travis Scott is usually No. 1

In some ways, This kind of week’s Billboard album chart was just a classic contest between two stars: Nicki Minaj, with her first LP in four years, was challenging Travis Scott, the incumbent, for the top spot. yet these days, victory on the charts is usually rarely so simple. Mr. Scott’s “Astroworld” ended up holding

Nicki Minaj as well as Travis Scott Fumble Toward Yesterday’s Prize: A No. 1 Album

On Sunday afternoon, Nicki Minaj went on Twitter to go over some matters of accounting. Moments earlier, Billboard reported which Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” was the No. 1 album inside United States for the second week running, relegating Ms. Minaj’s “Queen,” her fourth studio album, to No. 2 in its debut week. “I spoke to him,”

Sacha Baron Cohen Pranked Me, Can I Sue? Yes. Win? Not So Much.

Sacha Baron Cohen, disguised as an antiterrorism expert, coaxed Daniel Roberts, an ardent gun rights activist, into biting on a sex toy, as well as various other embarrassing acts, while being filmed. Mr. Roberts thought he was part of a training video. Instead, he was being played for laughs, as part of an episode of

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is usually No. 1 at Box Office, Proving Power of Diversity (Again)

LOS ANGELES — “Crazy Rich Asians,” powered by jubilant reviews along with pent-up demand for a major Hollywood film led by Asian stars, took in a strong $25.2 million at North American theaters over the weekend, easily enough for No. 1. in which was the best result for a PG-13 romantic comedy in six years

‘This specific Story Transcends Race’: Kevin Kwan on the Appeal of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

With its lavish banquets, helicopter escapes in addition to sweeping descriptions of Singapore’s lush coast, Kevin Kwan’s novel “Crazy Rich Asians” practically begs to be turned into a film. nevertheless when Mr. Kwan wrote the book, which was published in 2013, he never thought his set pieces might spring to life. “I told a story

Review: In ‘Notes on an Appearance,’ the Hipster Vanishes

In “Notes on an Appearance,” a controversial political theorist who haunts the action has written a book called “Everything is usually Permitted.” of which phrase might well have been the guiding philosophy of This specific experimental mystery film. The writer as well as director, Ricky D’Ambrose, has called This specific a “scrapbook movie.” Watching This

Expressing Complicated Love for Lauryn Hill as an Iconic Album Turns 20

Even if the layers of the song in addition to also also the video complicate a glib reading of Hill’s intentions, Morgan concedes of which a not bad deal of what a regal Hill says bears a distinct resemblance to respectability politics. “For many fans,” Morgan writes, “Lauryn was seen as the desirable antidote to