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Thrills, Tears in addition to also also the Real Gone Girls of Cinema

Tucked into “Careers for Women,” a 1920 book about the work which women do — beekeeper, detective, coroner — can be a chapter on the motion-picture director. The account was written by Ida May Park, an actress turned filmmaker who wrote a few dozen movies in addition to also also directed about a dozen more

Review: ‘McQueen’ Reveals a Dazzling along with Divisive Talent

Like a ballerina on a music box, the style spins on a rotating platform, a fragile vision in luminous white. On either side, two giant robotic arms dip along with turn, spraying her with dye until the white froth of her dress is usually streaked in black along with citron. that will’s a gorgeous assault

Review: Denzel Washington Plays Judge, Jury in addition to Executioner in ‘The Equalizer 2’

However much separates these two movies — story, craft, technique, production context, the larger world, you name the idea — they both hinge on a familiar American defender-savior: the resolute, physically imposing, quite possibly deranged solitary older man who sets wrongs right. In each film, the hero roughly takes a younger, less-hardened man under his

Review: ‘Far by the Tree’ Zooms In on Parent-Child Divides

At an hour along which has a half, the often-inspiring documentary “Far by the Tree” plays like a companion piece to or a preview for Andrew Solomon’s best-selling 2012 book, which, with notes, runs more than 1,000 pages. however its goal can be similar: The director, Rachel Dretzin, along with Mr. Solomon, a professor of

Review: ‘Generation Wealth’ Examines Toxic Materialism

“I loooove money” are among the first words we hear in “Generation Wealth,” Lauren Greenfield’s crammed compendium of capitalist excesses as well as also toxic materialism. They’re spoken by the former hedge fund manager Florian Homm, a louche as well as also rueful mansplainer of the collapse of American fiscal responsibility. Since becoming a longtime

Review: ‘Pin Cushion’ is actually an Original Tale of Bullying along with also Mental Illness

For her first feature, “Pin Cushion,” the British director Deborah Haywood digs into her own teenage memories along with also unearths something eccentric, tragic along with also utterly unclassifiable. At the center is actually a relationship of cloying codependency as Iona (Lily Newmark), a pale-faced teenager, along with also her hunchbacked mother, Lyn (Joanna Scanlan),

Balloons, iPads, Aquarium: A Conductor Creates a ‘Creation’

PARIS — Laurence Equilbey stopped the rehearsal. “No, no,” she said, her tone more sorrow than anger. “There can be first pianissimo, then fortissimo. You’re playing half-soft, half-loud; which’s horrible.” The Insula Orchestra, a period-instrument ensemble which Ms. Equilbey founded in 2012, tried the phrase again. “Much better,” she called out. “Remember: No muscular force,

The Internet Gives a Human Touch to Digital-Era R&B on ‘Hive Mind’

[Never miss a pop music story: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Louder.] The Internet imperceptibly melds hand-played parts with loops in addition to samples; whether or not This particular actually is usually, the music feels analog. Even where the drums are looped, the bass lines often drag in addition to pull against the beat,

Review: ‘Mass’ Brings Out the Worst in Leonard Bernstein

“can be ‘Mass’ Leonard Bernstein’s Best Work, or His Worst?” a recent headline asked. Well, after revisiting This particular two-hour extravaganza on Tuesday, when the item was presented by Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival, I think that will if the item’s not his worst, the item surely reflects his worst tendencies: his allergy to self-editing,

He Gleefully Inhabits the Grateful Dead. No Tie-Dye, Please.

“Joe hated anything tie-dyed,” Mr. Benevento recalled. “and also also also he hated which I wore Birkenstocks onstage. In Canada we were called a jam band in a review, and also also also he wrote We are not a jam band on his arm, actually big. which being said, we were jamming. nevertheless so were