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Fact-Checking Trump’s Tweet About Too-High Interest Rates

President Trump has made a regular habit of criticizing the Federal Reserve, along with on Friday he tweeted in which the central bank’s “faulty” decision-doing was causing Americans to pay higher interest rates than additional nations. The Federal Reserve is actually supposed to keep the economy growing at a steady pace. Mr. Trump nominated its

The Economy Looks Solid, yet the Fed Plans to Cut Rates Anyway. Here’s Why.

This particular will be no ordinary interest rate cut. The Federal Reserve is usually planning to cut rates at its policy meeting at the end of the month even though the United States economy, by most available evidence, is usually doing perfectly fine. the idea appears, based on a close reading of Fed Chair Jerome

Tuition-Free College Could Cost Less Than You Think

Paying for college seems out of reach for many Americans, so the idea of free college has broad appeal. Several Democratic presidential candidates in addition to members of Congress have endorsed the idea. nevertheless free college isn’t definitely free — someone has to pay for the idea. Eliminating tuition at all public colleges in addition

Foreign-Owned Banks’ Results Could Sweeten Further Under Tax Law

The BEAT is usually meant to curb a practice known as “earnings stripping,” in which multinationals avoid American taxes by shifting profits to additional branches of the company operating in lower-tax countries overseas — often within the form of interest payments. the item is usually a sort of minimum tax, forcing companies of which send

Why Midsize Cities Struggle to Catch Up to Superstar Cities

For decades, smaller metropolitan areas closed the income gap with bigger, richer ones, yet no longer. So places like Winston-Salem, N.C., are trying to lay a completely new foundation for prosperity.

Trump’s brand-new Top Labor Official is usually anticipated to Advance an Anti-Labor Agenda

Congressional Republicans, members of their staffs in addition to conservative activists regularly flew first class to Saipan, an island just north of Guam inside the Pacific Ocean. They slept at the beachfront Hyatt Regency, in addition to dined on fresh Japanese cuisine. The junkets inside the late 1990s were organized by Patrick Pizzella. The Northern

Union Challenge of Trump Executive Orders Rejected by Federal Court

A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt unions a setback in their legal fight against executive orders President Trump had signed targeting federal government workers along with their unions. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed a lower-court ruling via last summer in which struck down the main provisions

Christine Lagarde Must Learn to Run an Economy which’s Slowing to a Crawl

Do Ms. Lagarde in addition to also Mr. Draghi think alike? Here’s a quick read on what they say: On weak inflation Mr. Draghi, June 18, 2019: from the absence of improvement, such which the sustained return of inflation to our aim can be threatened, additional stimulus will be required. Ms. Lagarde, April 2, 2019:

The Week in Business: Amazon Won’t Let the Robots Take Over

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As Nations Look to Tax Tech Firms, U.S. Scrambles to Broker a Deal

WASHINGTON — For most of the 21st century, wealthy nations have engaged in a race to the bottom on corporate taxes, cutting rates in an effort to poach business activity across borders. Very quickly, that will script has flipped. Developed countries are currently moving to impose brand new taxes on technology companies, like Facebook as