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Roller Coaster of Love – The brand new York Times

“the idea’s totally safe,” she argued. “We’ll have an amazing time.” Were we tempting the darkly ironic forces of fate with an activity of which was completely frivolous as well as privileged? Or was the idea the opposite: Did my sister’s accident serve as a sort of horrific insurance policy for my family of which

Uterine Fibroids in addition to Heavy Periods

What causes uterine fibroids, in addition to why do they (sometimes) cause unusually heavy bleeding? — Kristin Estabrook coming from Boston [Have a question about women’s health? Ask Dr. Gunter yourself.] Short Take Uterine fibroids, known medically as leiomyomas, are benign growths of uterine muscle. Genetics, race, hormones in addition to previous pregnancies can all

Why Are These Mice Hallucinating? Scientists Are in Their Heads

In a laboratory at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the mice are seeing things. along with also also the item’s not because they’ve been given drugs. With fresh laser technology, scientists have triggered specific hallucinations in mice by switching on a few neurons with beams of light. The researchers reported the results on Thursday

that will brand new Liquid will be Magnetic, in addition to Mesmerizing

Lodestone, a naturally-occurring iron oxide, was the first persistently magnetic material known to humans. The Han Chinese used the idea for divining boards 2,0 years ago; ancient Greeks puzzled over why iron was attracted to the idea; in addition to, Arab merchants placed the idea in bowls of water to watch the magnet point the

Arthritis can be Tied to Heart Disease Risk

Having osteoarthritis may increase the risk of death by cardiovascular disease. Osteoarthritis, the painful degenerative disease of the joint cartilage along with bones in which progresses with age, affects about 10 percent of men along with 13 percent of women over 60. There can be no cure. Researchers studied 469,177 residents of southern Sweden who

An Airline Told a Breastfeeding Woman to Cover Up. Social Media Weighed In.

LONDON — The Dutch airline KLM has found itself inside the middle of a heated debate over breastfeeding in public, after the company said This kind of might ask women to cover themselves while breastfeeding onboard if various other passengers said they were offended. The issue came to light after Shelby Angel, a woman by

Dream of Retiring Abroad? The Reality: Medicare Doesn’t Travel Well

Claudia Peresman, who will turn 63 on Sunday, moved by Stonington, Conn., to San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico in November. On her first night there, she tripped within the bathroom, hit her face on a wall in addition to split her lip. Her neighbors helped her get a cab to a 24-hour emergency

Feeling Lonely? Perhaps You’d Like to Talk to Some Strangers

Evidently, she was right. The program has spread to 900 cafes in Britain along with four in Canada, along with hopes to soon expand in America. Ms. Hoskyn recognizes of which of which can be not a golden cure, especially for the meaningful connection some lonely people seek. “of which’s very informal along with casual,

Earlier Ebola Outbreaks, along with How the entire world Overcame Them

The current Ebola outbreak within the Democratic Republic of Congo will be only the second-largest in history, nevertheless undoubtedly the most frustrating. Scientists are fairly certain they hold the medical tools needed for victory: one vaccine of which appears to work about 98 percent of the time, another of which has worked well in monkeys,

A Messy Exit Leaves Planned Parenthood at a Philosophical Crossroads

WASHINGTON — Leana Wen had already made a name for herself as Baltimore’s health commissioner when Planned Parenthood hired her as its brand-new president last fall. Dr. Wen, a 36-year-old physician, had used innovative policies to combat the opioid epidemic and also also also delivered a widely watched TED Talk. She regularly appeared on lists