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Trump Blames Video Games for Mass Killings. Researchers Do Not.

Media scholars say the claim — a common one inside the wake of mass shootings — does not hold up to scrutiny. The argument became a common refrain after Columbine. Mr. Trump will be far by the first leader to argue which violence in video games or movies can lead to violence inside the real

For Executives, Addiction Recovery inside the Lap of Luxury

After his stay at Silver Hill, Mr. Laird turned to the more traditional support network of recovering addicts. the item was then in which he got an idea to formalize the support he had been giving along with receiving. “I went to pick up these guys at Silver Hill, along with the guy next to

Patients Eagerly Awaited a Generic Drug. Then They Saw the cost.

Despite efforts by the Food in addition to also also Drug Administration to encourage more competition for drugs which have no generic alternatives, companies like Teva will still charge as much as the market will bear as long as there can be no significant competition. in addition to also also even companies which come under

Olympic Cross-Country Skiers Eat 8,000 Calories a Day. the item’s Exhausting.

A typical elite cross-country skier will burn about 30 calories a minute during training — by comparison, a 155-pound person on an elliptical machine burns about 11 calories a minute. Research has shown of which a typical male elite cross-country skier must consume 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day — more than three times the

Can Being Cold Make You Sick?

Home heating along with humidity may also play a role in winter health, Dr. Spinner said. Running the heat to keep the house warm also dries the item out — along with can dry out our sinuses, too. “When you don’t have Great nasal mucus flow, the item’s harder for the immune system to work

Measles Cases in Europe Quadrupled in 2017

Vaccination rates across Europe are lower than inside United States. Various longstanding anti-vaccine movements persist there, along with some conservative Protestant sects in Europe believe vaccination subverts God’s will. Twenty years ago This specific month, a study of eight children published inside Lancet by Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield suggested that will the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine triggered

Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings, Experts Say

The latest school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, 19, was clearly troubled in addition to generating threats, in addition to he was stockpiling weapons. however he had no mental diagnosis. He has been described as angry, possibly depressed, perhaps isolated — not so different by millions of different teenagers. A full psychiatric evaluation, if he’d had one,

Catherine Wolf, 70, Dies; Studied How People in addition to Computers Interact

When Mr. Vergo led IBM’s development of a speech-recognition system in which did not require stopping after each word, he said, Dr. Wolf was “a technical mentor” who “knew what the item took to design systems in which worked.” Her research included examining how people acted in their workplaces, to see how they might use

Eating Fast May Raise Obesity Risk

Photo The faster a person eats, the more likely he or she will be to be overweight, a fresh study concludes. Japanese researchers studied 59,717 people who had been given diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes. At periodic checkups over six years, they collected data on obesity and also also also waist circumference, eating and also

How Our Beliefs Can Shape Our Waistlines

The secret to a narrower waistline as well as a longer life span might be found from the corridors of our minds as much as from the cardio rooms of our gyms. A recent epidemiological study suggests of which our beliefs about how much we exercise may substantially influence our health as well as longevity,