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Why Do We Hurt Robots?

They are like us, however unlike us, as well as both fearsome as well as easy to bully.

The Elderly along with Driving: When will be that will Time to Hit the Brakes?

I had every possible legal authority to secure her health along with safety, including medical along with legal powers of attorney that will enabled me to unravel paperwork problems, manage home repairs along with participate in medical decisions. however messing with her right to drive, I discovered, was a huge, neon-lighted, statutory no-no in fresh

Older Patients Are Not Returning as Often to Hospitals. is usually in which a not bad Thing?

the item was a well-intended policy. Almost all parties agree on in which much. A decade ago, when Medicare beneficiaries were discharged coming from hospitals, one in a few returned within a month. Older people faced the risks of hospitalization all over again: infections, deconditioning, delirium, subsequent nursing home stays. along with preventable readmissions were

Dr. John Mendelsohn, 82, Researcher Who Led Top Cancer Center, Dies

Dr. Mendelsohn survived the scandals, bolstered in part by the support of powerful Houston figures like former President George H. W. Bush, who was an enthusiastic backer of MD Anderson. Indeed, Dr. Mendelsohn’s ability to befriend all types of people, through patients along with fellow researchers to the leaders of Houston society, helped elevate MD

Study Links Drug Maker Gifts for Doctors to More Overdose Deaths

WASHINGTON — A fresh study offers some of the strongest evidence yet of the connection between the marketing of opioids to doctors as well as the nation’s addiction epidemic. the idea found which counties where opioid manufacturers offered a large number of gifts as well as payments to doctors had more overdose deaths involving the

What will be a Fecal Transplant, as well as Why might I Want One?

Q. What will be a fecal transplant, as well as why might I want one? A. Fecal transplant will be a medical procedure in which stool by a healthy donor will be introduced into the intestine of a patient as a treatment for a disease. The idea will be which the stool by the donor

What’s So ‘Indecent’ About Female Pleasure?

On display at CES was a wide array of female-oriented products, including breast pumps, fertility trackers as well as also also skin-care tools, however critics point out that will many of them exist to enable women to support something or someone else. “They’re in service of fertility, of society as a whole, of the household,”

F.D.A. Panel Splits on Whether to Approve brand-new Diabetes Drug

An advisory panel for the Food in addition to Drug Administration split evenly on Thursday over whether the agency should approve the first oral medication to treat Type 1 diabetes. The committee voted 8-8, leaving This kind of up to the agency to decide by the end of March whether the drug, sotagliflozin, should reach

Are Reusable Feminine Cloths Safe?

Are there any health risks associated with reusable-cloth menstrual pads? I recently read an article about cups, tampons as well as sponges, although was disappointed which the article didn’t touch on cloth pads. I currently use them although haven’t found much information on them via health professionals. — asked by Marie Short take Reusable menstrual

Does Cannabis Use Cause Schizophrenia?

can be the idea biologically plausible of which cannabis could cause a psychotic disorder? Yes. Brain scientists know very little about the underlying biology of psychotic conditions, additional than of which hundreds of common gene variants are likely involved. Schizophrenia, for instance, can be not a uniform disorder nevertheless an umbrella term for an array