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Too Much Caffeine May Stress the Heart

A sudden jolt by cortisol prompts your blood pressure to rise, heart to beat faster as well as energy level to soar, which no doubt enabled some early humans to escape a hungry lion in pursuit. Few of us today have to worry about becoming prey to a wild beast. Still, many live in a

The War to End All Measles

Any time you crowd children — or adolescents, or young adults — together, there’s an opportunity for some of the more contagious childhood diseases to take advantage of those who are susceptible. of which was true from the First World War, where barrack life in addition to also also troop ship transports contributed to the

In China, Desperate Patients Smuggle Drugs. Or Make Their Own.

In many ways, they resemble medical websites in some other countries. Then there are the posts on how to make drugs yourself. They direct at-home drugmakers to buy the ingredients online, on marketplaces run by Alibaba Group, the e-commerce giant, as well as elsewhere. Dozens of suppliers offer free samples as well as promise fast

Vitamin D along with Fish Oils Are Ineffective for Preventing Cancer along with Heart Disease

The National Institutes of Health funded the trial, which recruited 25,871 healthy American men along with women age 50 or older, including 5,106 African-Americans. Study participants were split into four groups along with randomly assigned to take supplements or placebos, along with they were followed for 5.3 years on average. One group took 2,000 IUs

The Chemists’ War

One hundred years after the end of World War I, the Army Corps of Engineers is actually still cleaning up the relics of experiments in which helped develop chemical weapons to counter the Germans’ gas attacks.

F. D.A. Plans to Seek a Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

In a landmark move bound to further shake the tobacco industry, the Food along with Drug Administration plans to propose a ban on menthol cigarettes next week as part of its aggressive campaign against flavored e-cigarettes along with some tobacco products, agency officials said. The proposal could have to go through the F.D.A. regulatory maze,

Soy Baby Formulas Tied to Menstrual Pain

Image Consuming soy-based formula during infancy may be linked to severe menstrual pain in adulthood, researchers report. A study published in Human Reproduction included 1,553 African-American women ages 23 to 35 with information on soy formula feeding gathered by questionnaires. To determine menstrual pain, they asked women whether they had ever taken prescription or over-the-counter

What Stereotypes Do You See Around Veterans along with PTSD?

President Donald Trump, speaking to reporters on Friday morning, said which the Thousand Oaks gunman who shot along with killed 12 people along with injured at least 20 others at a bar Wednesday night was a “sick puppy.” “He was a war veteran, he was a Marine, he was inside war,” Trump said. “He saw

Dementia can be Getting Some Very Public Faces

The spouses arriving for the Wednesday afternoon caregivers’ class at the Penn Memory Center in Philadelphia had something on their minds even before Alison Lynn, the social worker leading the session, could start the conversation. A few days before, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor had released a letter announcing in which she’d been

Goodbye, Tampon Tax (at Least for Some)

“When you say you’re for ‘menstrual equity,’ that will means you’re for educational equity; that will means you’re for workplace equity; that will means you’re for health equity.” — Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, author of the 2017 book “Periods Gone Public” Tampons in addition to pads are necessary items that will half the population must acquire a