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(Mis)communicating Sex: Leave Us a Voice Mail With Your Story

We ask readers to share their stories on sex as well as intimacy. CreditWestend61/Getty Images Sometimes, we leave sex thinking, “What exactly just happened?” Stories of how we communicate about sex as well as intimacy are rare. in which’s where you come in. The completely new York Times is usually seeking your stories of miscommunication

Can a Bar of Soap Transmit Infection?

Ask Well in addition to would likely a jar of liquid soap be a better bet than bar soap? CreditTony Cenicola/The fresh York Times Q. Are there any health risks to using a communal bar of soap in, say, a health club? A. No. Bar soap does not appear to transmit disease. The most rigorous

Breathing Tubes Fail to Save Many Older Patients

although discussing how aggressively an older person wants to be treated remains a conversation — probably a series of them — best held before a crisis. Intubation, for instance, is actually often something a physician can foresee. Older patients who have cardio-respiratory conditions (emphysema, lung cancer, heart failure), or who are prone to pneumonia, or

Diabetes Patients at Risk by Rising Insulin Prices

A surprisingly large number of people with diabetes are using less insulin than prescribed because of the rising cost of the drug, putting themselves in danger of serious complications. Those are the findings of a smaller completely new study by researchers at Yale University, who found that will at one clinic in completely new Haven,

James Gips, Who Extended Computer Use to the Disabled, Dies at 72

“They were not inside the center of my mind when we developed the technology,” he said. Rather, the prototype was being used to play video games. yet once which was demonstrated at a technology conference, others could see its potential for people with disabilities. One of those was Kathy Nash, who stumbled upon a brief

Diana King, a Leading Teacher in Overcoming Dyslexia, Dies at 0

In a 2014 interview with the founders of Camp Spring Creek in North Carolina, she recalled “those few moments when someone expressed confidence in me along with my ability to learn.” She was nine when a neighbor, a Royal Air Force pilot, taught her long division. She earned a bachelor’s degree coming from the University

When a Health Insurer Also Wants to Be a Hospice Company

Death has always been lucrative enterprise, whether that will involves mahogany caskets or teams of estate as well as tax lawyers. although hospice, the business of caring for those who are nearing death, has become a booming multibillion-dollar industry that will can be attracting more as well as more for-profit companies, including one of the

brand-new York Confronts Rampant Smoking Among Chinese Men

Reflecting a global trend, Chinese men in brand-new York City smoke at much higher rates than men or women in any some other ethnic group — in addition to deaths coming from lung cancer among them have soared. As a result, the city’s health department launched a public service ad campaign This particular month aimed

She Wanted You to See a Family, Not Just a Pregnant Man

The photographer Jackie Molloy followed Tanner in addition to David for a year in addition to a half, during which time she took some 20,000 pictures. The author, center, with David (left) in addition to Tanner (holding Paetyn).CreditPhoto courtesy of Tyler, a family friend Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features in addition

Reuniting as well as Detaining Migrant Families Pose fresh Mental Health Risks

The chaotic process of reuniting thousands of migrant children as well as parents separated by the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy poses great psychological risks, both short- as well as long-term, mental health experts said on Friday. So does holding those families indefinitely while they await legal proceedings, which could happen under the president’s fresh