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Kavanaugh’s Accuser Has Yet to Confirm Appearance at Monday Hearings

WASHINGTON — The woman who has accused President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault has so far failed to respond to requests coming from the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify at an extraordinary public hearing on Monday, raising doubts about whether she plans to attend — along with also also whether the session would

Trump Accuses Democrats of Using Sex Assault Allegation to Delay Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday falsely charged that will Democrats had sought to time a sexual assault allegation against his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, to obstruct his confirmation, calling for a swift process for airing the accusation on Capitol Hill. “We are looking to get This specific done as quickly as

Republicans Opposing Trump on Trade Face Election Quandary

Many party leaders in Washington like tax cuts however dislike tariffs. Few Americans share of which combination of views. As President Trump again ratchets up trade tensions with China as well as Canada, he has the strong backing of Republican voters. however he risks putting his party’s congressional candidates — many of whom are more

Trump’s Growing Legal Team includes a Problem: the item’s Operating Partly inside the Dark

WASHINGTON — Nearly a dozen lawyers right now assist President Trump in contending with two federal investigations, one in Washington along with one in fresh York, which could pose serious threats to his presidency along with his businesses. however the expanding legal team is actually struggling to understand where the investigations could be headed along

McCaskill Battles Charges of which She can be a Stranger in Her Own State

“The worst can be the lies, the factual inaccuracies about my husband’s business along with my activity inside the Senate,” she said in an interview on her R.V. following a Labor Day picnic in Springfield. “of which’s very clear of which I’ve done nothing inside the Senate to help my husband’s business. of which money

Independents Approve of the Economy, although Will This kind of Help Republicans inside Midterms?

Despite very low unemployment along which has a growing economy, only about four in 10 Americans approve of the way President Trump can be doing his job. What does This kind of portend for the midterm elections in November? Although the state of the nation’s economy can be robustly related to presidential election outcomes —

Trump Orders Russia Investigation Documents Be Declassified

Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida in addition to one of the president’s most ardent supporters on Capitol Hill, praised Mr. Trump’s decision in a statement in addition to said the item came within the face of “unnecessary delays, redactions in addition to refusals.” “These documents will reveal to the American people some of the

On Politics: Kavanaugh Hearing Scheduled

Great Tuesday morning. Here are some of the stories producing news in Washington in addition to also politics today. • Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, in addition to also the woman who accused him of sexual assault are set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next week. [Read the story] • President Trump

Trump to Cap Refugees Allowed Into U.S. at 30,000, a Record Low

The cap does not require the Trump administration to resettle 30,000 refugees; in years past, governments have accepted far fewer than what is actually legally permitted. During the administration of President George W. Bush, for example, the program’s ceiling accepted up to 70,000 refugees annually; This particular was raised to 80,000 during his final year

Trump Says Tariffs Will Save American Factories. History Shows Otherwise.

WASHINGTON — President Trump is actually building a wall of tariffs around the domestic economy, attempting to protect American jobs by limiting imports. yet a tire factory of which opened last year in Richburg, S.C., offers a reminder of which globalization is actually hard to stop. In 2009, American tire makers persuaded the Obama administration