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How Does Joe Biden Fit Into a Changing Democratic Party?

When Joe Biden first ran for Senate in 1972, 40 percent of Democrats believed of which whites had a right to segregate neighborhoods. Today, he seeks the presidential nomination of a very different Democratic Party, one of which is actually increasingly progressive, diverse along with also well educated. Few analysts consider him a clear favorite,

Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan will be Cleared in Ethics Inquiry

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s inspector general has removed a big hurdle to Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan’s path to make his job permanent, clearing him of allegations of which he promoted his former employer, Boeing, in addition to also disparaged its competitors for military contracts, a United States official said. An investigation of which

Biden on the Issues: Where He Stands and also also also How He’s Changed

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who opened his third run for the presidency on Thursday, carries a longer record in politics than any different Democrat inside sprawling 2020 field — long enough to leave a paper trail on pretty much every topic of national consequence. in which record has not always been helpful

Joe Biden can be Running for President, After Months of Hesitation

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced Thursday which he would likely seek the Democratic nomination to challenge President Trump in 2020, marshaling his experience along with also also global stature in a bid to lead a party increasingly defined by a younger generation which might be skeptical of his age along with also

Victor or Victim? Trump’s Changing Response to Mueller Report

When the report became available, much of the focus was not on the conclusions, which were by then four weeks old, although on the voluminous details made public for the very first time. While Mr. Mueller found no criminal conspiracy with Russia, his report made clear that will Mr. Trump in addition to his team

Amid Charged Atmosphere at Amherst, Jeff Sessions Calls for Country to Move on through Mueller Report

As a member of the Trump administration, Mr. Sessions said, he was a potential witness within the inquiry as well as also therefore should not lead the item. The decision drew the president’s ire, subjecting Mr. Sessions to months of public criticism as well as also private humiliation. Mr. Sessions resigned in November 2018 at

Strong Support Here Helped Trump Win Pennsylvania in 2016. 2020 Could Be Different.

ALTOONA, Pa. — President Trump’s road to re-election runs through places like Altoona, with its deep working-class roots, conservative social values along with nearly all-white population. nevertheless the item is actually not a straight line. He won about 70 percent of the vote in Blair County, where Altoona is actually the largest city, in 2016,

Trump Vows Stonewall of ‘All’ House Subpoenas, Setting Up Fight Over Powers

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration escalated its defiance of Congress on Wednesday, as the Justice Department refused to let an official testify on Capitol Hill as well as President Trump vowed to fight what he called a “ridiculous” subpoena ordering a former top aide to appear before lawmakers. “We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Mr. Trump

Trump Declares Commitment to Ending Opioid Crisis ‘Once as well as for All’

ATLANTA — President Trump, after a week devoted to criticizing the Mueller report as well as investigations by congressional Democrats, turned on Wednesday to a policy matter, vowing to “smash the grip of addiction” caused by the opioid epidemic. Addressing a conference of health professionals as well as addiction specialists in Atlanta, Mr. Trump promised

At She the People Forum, Candidates Speak Directly to Women of colour

At a forum in Houston on Wednesday hosted by the political group She the People, Democratic presidential candidates spoke directly to a crucial constituency in their party’s primaries: women of colour. The questions spanned a range of topics, including voting rights in addition to health care, in addition to were all asked by women of