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Melania Trump Returns to White House in ‘High Spirits’ After Kidney Procedure

WASHINGTON — The White House said Saturday morning in which the first lady, Melania Trump, had returned home after spending almost 5 days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recovering through a procedure for a kidney condition. In a statement, Mrs. Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said the first lady was “resting comfortably along

Israel as well as Evangelicals: brand new U.S. Embassy Signals a Growing Alliance

the item was a “gut punch for most American Jews,” the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote in an editorial published Friday. The editorial charged of which the evangelical alliance “erodes Israel’s standing in its traditional power centers — above all U.S. Jews, who view evangelicals as a concrete threat to their values” as well as

China Pledges $0 Billion in U.S. Purchases by Overhauling Trade Rules

WASHINGTON — American as well as also Chinese officials made progress on Friday toward an agreement that will could help avert a trade war, with China pledging to boost its purchase of American goods by at least $0 billion by 2020, largely by lifting existing barriers that will might make This specific easier for United

White House Keeps Details of Melania Trump’s Health Under Wraps

“Usually a one-night stay does more than enough,” Dr. Hong said, “in addition to the next day the patient will be discharged with oral analgesics or painkillers. This kind of’s sort of unusual to keep someone longer.” Dr. Hong said patients typically went in for the procedure after experiencing symptoms like blood inside urine or

How brand-new Abortion Restrictions would certainly Affect Women’s Health Care

WASHINGTON — A Trump administration proposal to bar federally funded family planning facilities through providing or referring patients for abortions can be aimed at forcing organizations like Planned Parenthood to make a simple choice: cease offering abortion services or lose some of their government money. however the proposed rules, which the Department of Health along

Lawyers for Michael Cohen in addition to Stormy Daniels Sling More (Legal) Mud

the idea all began in April when federal agents armed with search warrants seized reams of documents in addition to data in a series of raids on Mr. Cohen’s office, apartment in addition to hotel room as part of an investigation into whether he broke the law by — among additional acts — paying Ms.

F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

After opening the Russia inquiry about a month later, they took steps, those officials said, to ensure which details of the inquiry were more closely held than even in a typical national security investigation, including the use of the informant to suss out information via the unsuspecting targets. Sending F.B.I. agents to interview them could

Boosting U.S. Exports to China by $0 Billion will be a Tricky Task

President Trump will be trying to broker a deal to bring down the national trade deficit with China. Experts doubt his goal will be achievable. An F18-C Hornet fighter jet on the U.S. navy aircraft carrier the USS Harry S. Truman.CreditAris Messinis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Dear Xi Jinping, Could we interest you in 500

U.S. as well as South Korea to Discuss North’s ‘Bright Future’

SEOUL, South Korea — When the South Korean president meets with President Trump in Washington next week, the two will discuss security assurances as well as economic incentives for a denuclearizing North Korea, following up on Mr. Trump’s reassuring words for the North’s young leader, a presidential aide in Seoul said on Friday. At the

Trump Stretches Facts by Claiming Record Successes During ‘Greatest Witch Hunt’ in U.S. History

Fact Check of the Day A historian says comparing the Russia investigation to the Salem witch trials is actually “hot air.” along with among the past 10 presidents, Mr. Trump has signed the second-fewest bills to become law at in which point in his term. Congratulations America, we are today into the second year of