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Federal Courts, Running Out of Money, Brace for Shutdown’s Pain

WASHINGTON — The federal courts are running out of money as the partial government shutdown continues with no end in sight, raising concerns of which the legal system will be significantly hobbled if the standoff is actually not resolved soon. Judges along with court officials around the country are bracing for the likelihood of which

Doug Jones Risks His Alabama Senate Seat Over the Shutdown along with the Wall

“He’s a guy who’s going to be true to himself,” said John Anzalone, a Birmingham-based Democratic pollster. “Authenticity will be what sells in a place like Alabama.” yet there’s also little question of which Mr. Jones hit the political jackpot with his special election in 2017 by facing Roy S. Moore, an already-controversial Republican opponent

Skadden Arps Agrees to $4.6 Million Settlement in Ukraine Lobbying Case

A Skadden Arps team led by Gregory B. Craig, a former White House counsel for President Barack Obama, produced a report concluding in which, while the trial violated some of Ms. Tymoshenko’s rights, her conviction was supported by the evidence presented at trial. in addition to the report found no evidence in which the prosecution

Republican Lawmaker Floats Bill to Expand Trump’s Tariff Powers

On Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, asked Mr. Trump to scrap or delay his State of the Union speech, scheduled for Jan. 29, until the government shutdown ends. Democrats are unlikely to advance any legislation granting Mr. Trump more trade authority, either inside House, which they control, or inside Senate by providing votes

A Favorite Restaurant in Syria Led ISIS to Americans

Three some other service members were wounded as well as flown to an American military hospital in Germany for treatment, a military official said. Until This kind of week, just two American service members had been killed in Syria. Allied aircraft bombed a mosque on Thursday which the Islamic State had used as a command

Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Apologizes for Anti-Gay Past

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who last week announced she was running for president, apologized Thursday for her record of anti-gay rhetoric as well as her past work for an anti-gay advocacy group — issues that will have emerged as an early obstacle as she pursues a long-shot bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Ms.

As Shutdown Drags On, Some Step Up to Help Unpaid Federal Workers

although as the shutdown drags on, the need for a more coordinated effort can be growing, as well as the number of groups with the resources to make a real difference remains relatively smaller. “I remain an optimistic person by nature, as well as American men as well as women are extraordinarily generous, although of

Trump Hits Back at Pelosi, Threatening Her Trip to See Troops

WASHINGTON — President Trump retaliated on Thursday against Speaker Nancy Pelosi for threatening to cancel his planned State of the Union address, announcing which he, in turn, was postponing an overseas trip she had planned that has a congressional delegation which he described as a “public relations event.” “I am sorry to inform you which

Giuliani’s Conflicting Comments on Collusion – Video

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Giuliani Backpedals on Statement About Trump Aides along with also also Collusion

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani backtracked on Thursday coming from a surprising assertion he made a night earlier which left open the possibility which Trump campaign aides might have coordinated with Russia’s election interference in 2016. “There was no collusion by President Trump in any way, shape or form,” Mr. Giuliani