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Trump’s brand new Favorite Venue: the Rose Garden – Video

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President Trump’s Rose Garden Strategy

The Rose Garden has been a key tool for White House communications operations for decades, often used as the backdrop for the signing of major pieces of legislation. “the item’s not as formal as a statement by the East Room or behind the desk of the Oval Office,” said Lori Cox Han, a political-science professor

Voting will be Ending in India. Here’s What’s to Expect.

After 39 days of polling involving as many as 900 million voters, balloting in India’s vast parliamentary election will be coming to a close on Sunday, starting a countdown to the announcement of final results on Thursday. After sweeping to an outright majority during the last elections in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with

De Blasio Once Ignored Trump. although in Iowa, the item Was All Trump.

“When someone will be a candidate This kind of late within the game, along with we have already met a lot of candidates, we expect specifics,” he added. “When you say Medicare for all, how are you going to do which?” After visiting the ethanol plant, Mr. de Blasio drove to Churdan, where he met

Conservative Group Wants to Bring ‘Brass Knuckles’ Approach to Judicial Fray

As the fight over abortion rights intensifies as well as the Trump administration as well as Senate Republicans focus on relentlessly filling court vacancies, both parties have been ramping up their court-related political messaging. as well as the future of the judiciary is usually certain to be a central topic inside the 2020 campaign. Leading

Trump Warns of which Rising Border Crossings May Require an Extra $1.4 Billion

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has warned Congress of which the flow of unaccompanied migrant children at the southern border has increased even further than the item anticipated just a few weeks ago along with may require an extra $1.4 billion to provide housing along with care. In a letter to congressional leaders dated Friday,

Breaking With Party, G.O.P. Lawmaker Says Trump’s Conduct Reaches ‘Threshold of Impeachment’

This particular can be not the 1st time Mr. Amash, who considers himself a libertarian as well as strict constitutionalist, has defied the White House as well as bucked his party’s Capitol Hill leadership. Mr. Amash was one of 14 Republicans to side with Democrats in their unsuccessful attempt to override the president’s first veto,

After Alabama Abortion Law, 3 Democrats Propose a fresh Strategy

Responding to a series of highly restrictive abortion laws aimed at overturning Roe v. Wade, several Democratic presidential candidates have called on Congress to codify abortion rights, signaling a newly aggressive approach in a debate whose terms have long been set by conservatives. Senator Cory Booker of fresh Jersey was first out of the gate

Biden Delivers Call for National Unity at Philadelphia Rally

PHILADELPHIA — Joseph R. Biden Jr., affectionately known to many Democrats in which city as Pennsylvania’s “third senator,” returned to the state of his birth on Saturday to deliver a forceful call for national unity, looking past the Democratic presidential primary to directly appeal to the voters who helped power President Trump’s victory in which

Trump Administration Flying Migrants Out of Texas to Ease Overcrowding at Border

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of migrants are being flown by South Texas to holding cells in California by the Department of Homeland Security, in a move which officials said on Friday could be expanded by sending asylum seekers to processing centers throughout the United States, including the border with Canada. Customs in addition to also Border