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A Sheriff, a Mystery Check in addition to also a Blogger Who Cried Foul

What, if anything, investigators have uncovered will be not known. nevertheless The completely new York Times found of which since taking office in 2011, Sheriff Franklin has failed to comply with court orders, has threatened critics with legal action in addition to also has not publicly accounted for tens of thousands of dollars raised through

White Nationalist today Faces First-Degree Murder in Charlottesville Killing

Seeing the video images, Marcus Martin, the young man in a widely shared photo of him being flipped into the air by the speeding car, jumped up by his seat, shouted “Take me out,” along with also left with two companions. Photo Outside the courthouse on Thursday before a hearing for Mr. Fields. Credit Zack

How Global Warming Fueled several Extreme Weather Events

Over the past few years, a large patch of unusually warm water has appeared off the coast of Alaska, popularly known as “the blob.” These warm waters have allowed toxic algae blooms to spread across the region, killing seabirds by the thousands as well as also forcing local fisheries to close. A completely new study,

Has Support for Moore Stained Evangelicals? Some Are Worried

The bloc which has marched under the banner of the “Moral Majority” in addition to “values voters” has currently been tagged as the most reliable base of support for both Mr. Moore in addition to President Trump, two politicians who are known for fanning racial in addition to religious prejudices in addition to who stand

Blake Farenthold, Texas Congressman Accused of Sexual Harassment, Will Not Run Again

WASHINGTON — Representative Blake Farenthold, a Texas Republican who settled a lurid sexual harassment claim with his former communications director for $84,000 in addition to faced accusations via different aides that will he ran a hostile workplace, announced Thursday that will he will not run for re-election, saying the allegations have become “a political distraction.”

Thousands of Inside Dept. Employees Report Harassment in addition to Intimidation at Work

Department officials are working to strengthen the policies on harassment based on the survey results, in addition to have trained about 100 employees on how to conduct investigations into allegations. Over the last decade, the Inside Department has primarily been dogged by reports of harassment in addition to intimidation within the National Park Service. More

Republicans Hunt for Ways to Pay for Tax Cuts

Among the potential ideas being discussed on Capitol Hill to pay for the bill will be allowing the tax cuts for individuals to expire even sooner than the 2025 date already stipulated inside Senate bill. Another idea under consideration, according to Senator Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican, will be raising the tax rate on

Morgan Spurlock: ‘I Am Part of the Problem’

In his post, he reflected on the details of an encounter which he had when he was a student in college. In which account, he said he “hooked up” using a woman who later wrote a short story for a class about which, accusing him by name of rape. He said he was “floored” when

Alabama Women ‘Make a Stand’ in First Election of the #MeToo Era

Among white women, 34 percent supported Mr. Jones, according to the polls. In 2012, the last presidential election in which an exit poll was conducted in Alabama — which will be not usually a battleground state — President Barack Obama won only 16 percent of white women. Many of Mr. Moore’s supporters, like Deborah Webb,

Alabama Loss Exposes Republican Fissures Amid a Democratic Surge

in addition to the seemingly unremitting stream of accusations via women about male lawmakers committing sexual misconduct can be raising the possibility of even more unexpected resignations, which could at a minimum cause Republicans to have to direct more cash toward races for which they had not planned. For Republicans, competing inside the first midterm