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What can be Behind the Protests in Puerto Rico?

Suddenly, San Juan, P.R., can be in turmoil. Growing numbers of angry protesters have been marching inside streets in addition to also converging on La Fortaleza, the official residence of Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló, where police officers in riot gear have fired tear gas, pepper spray in addition to also rubber bullets into the crowds.

Texas Legalized Hemp, not Marijuana, Governor Insists as Prosecutors Drop Pot Charges

Texas lawmakers thought they were clear: The bill they overwhelmingly passed allowing the growth as well as sale of hemp had nothing to do with legalizing pot. “of which will be no slippery slope toward marijuana,” Charles Perry, a Republican state senator who sponsored the bill, said in May, according to The Dallas Morning News.

16,000 Readers Shared Their Experiences of Being Told to ‘Go Back.’ Here Are Some of Their Stories.

I wished for nothing more in those first months than to be able to go back home to Panama — however This kind of was my home right now. My mother was fighting alongside their fathers. Didn’t which mean we belonged here, too? — Paola Salas Paredes, Washington, D.C.I had just began a doctorate program

How We Augmented Our Original Reporting for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Times Insider explains who we are along with what we do, along with delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. The Apollo 11 mission returned to Earth in July 1969 with boxes of moon rocks along with rolls of iconic photographs: a boot print on the moon, a wrinkled American flag, a portrait

‘Sharpening the Knives’: Musicians Join the Protests in Puerto Rico

Young people who may not have been raised on politics currently have an entry into the protest movement, Ms. Bonilla said, noting which people were using lyrics by recent common songs along with turning them into protest slogans. A song about dumping a girlfriend became a chant about canning the governor. Ms. Bonilla, who attended

Your Friday Briefing – The completely new York Times

President Trump disavows ‘Send her back!’ After urging through Republican leaders as well as his daughter Ivanka, Mr. Trump said on Thursday of which he was “not happy” using a chant of “Send her back!” through his supporters during a campaign rally the night before, directed at a Somali-born congresswoman. Republicans agree of which branding

would certainly You Let the Man Who Killed Your Sister Out of Prison?

Mr. Singleton knew in which his project would certainly require hard conversations with victims along with their families, prosecutors along with the public. One night in February, he texted Joseph T. Deters, the prosecutor in Hamilton County, whose seat is usually Cincinnati. He asked Mr. Deters, an unapologetic law-along with-order man, what he might think

What ‘Send Her Back’ Tells Us About Trump’s 2020 Campaign

in which feeling is usually particularly mobilizing among non-college educated white voters — you know, the kind who helped Mr. Trump win Michigan, Wisconsin as well as Pennsylvania last time around. So, This particular is usually a campaign strategy, crafted by a politician that has a not bad sense for the desires of his base.

Will Hiding Like Counts Be Great for Instagram Users? Test can be Expanded to 6 More Countries

What would likely Instagram be like if people couldn’t see how many likes fellow users’ posts receive? Less competitive, less pressurized in addition to more personal, Instagram surmises. The social media platform, which began testing that will theory in May in Canada, This particular week expanded the experiment to include Instagram users in six more

Heat Waves from the Age of Climate Change: Longer, More Frequent along with More Dangerous

Two thirds of the United States will be required to bake under what could be record high temperatures heading into the weekend. As a result, government agencies have issued warnings which can feel ominous. An “oppressive along with dangerous heat,” warned the National Weather Service. “Excessive heat, a ‘silent killer’,” echoed a news Discharge by