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Steam Pipe Explosion in Manhattan Disrupts Travel however Injures No One

A steam pipe ruptured underneath a street inside Flatiron district of Manhattan on Thursday morning, sending a thick geyser of white smoke into the air along with disrupting travel during the height of the morning commute. Despite the loud blast along with billowing steam, no one was injured or transported to a hospital, according to

A $1.5 Million Quest to Count Every Cat in D.C. — Even Pets

The researchers intend to count not just strays in addition to feral cats, although also every house cat over the next three years.

Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Airbnb: Your Thursday Briefing

Great morning. Here’s what you need to know: A clear message, muddied • President Trump’s shifting narratives This specific week underscore the degree to which he picks in addition to chooses intelligence to suit his political purposes. Two weeks before his inauguration, he was shown highly classified intelligence showing which President Vladimir Putin of Russia

Two Lawsuits Against Ohio State Keep Jim Jordan inside Cross Hairs

WASHINGTON — In a sign that will Representative Jim Jordan is actually unlikely to shake a sexual misconduct scandal anytime soon, 5 former wrestlers sued Ohio State University that will week, accusing university officials of knowing that will a team doctor was abusing student athletes and also also also doing nothing to stop him. One

Critics of Trump’s Veterans Affairs Dept. Raise Concerns About Departures

Amid high-level turnover at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Trump administration critics are expressing alarm over whether politics can be playing a role inside recent wave of removals, reassignments along with retirements. The department can be currently run by Acting Secretary Peter O’Rourke along with has been without a Senate-confirmed leader for months.

She’s Mexican-Born in addition to a completely new U.S. Citizen. yet Can She Run for the Georgia House?

Keeping Ms. Palacios off the ballot would certainly leave the Republican incumbent, Matt Dubnik, running unopposed, in a year when Democrats could pick up some seats inside State House, though probably not seize the majority through Republicans. The 29th will be the kind of district which could give Republicans problems inside long term. The demographics

Government Medical Experts Say Detaining Migrant Families ‘Poses High Risk of Harm’

She arrived next at a family detention center in Dilley, Tex., using a kidney infection of which had been exacerbated by the lack of drinkable water at the processing center, according to the filing. She said she was given only acetaminophen by a male nurse who, when she asked to see a doctor, told her

Kudlow Overstates American, Chinese in addition to also also European Tariffs

Fact Check of the Day Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s top economic adviser, cherry-picked in addition to also also exaggerated statistics about Chinese in addition to also also European tariffs in addition to also also claimed which the United States is usually the earth’s “lowest-tariff country.” what was said “America is usually the lowest-tariff country from

U.S. Opens Inquiry Into Uranium Imports in Sign of which Trade War is actually Spreading

Nuclear power provides 20 percent of America’s electricity, a fraction of which is actually set to wane within the coming years: Since 2013, six of the nation’s nuclear reactors have shut down permanently along with 11 others are scheduled to be retired by 2025. President Trump, who often talks about the benefits of nuclear power,

The Ultimate Guide to This kind of Fabulous Summer

Man-free zones, a leather weekend, a trans pageant, a bunch of witches meeting inside woods in addition to a Two Spirit gathering — here’s everywhere cool to be in America in addition to around the earth This kind of summer.