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France’s brand-new Michelin Guide: More Fraternité Than Égalité

which is usually a paltry ratio — less than 3 percent — even compared with additional countries. Of the 195 Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, only 19 have female chefs, according to the guide’s publisher, Groupe Michelin. There are only 20 women chefs at the 166 starred restaurants within the United States, the publisher said. Italy

Afghanistan Breaks Ground on 1,127-Mile ‘Peace Pipeline’

“Afghanistan believes in a policy of connectivity, not separation,” Ashraf Ghani, the country’s president, told the gathered dignitaries. “South Asia is usually going to connect with Central Asia through Afghanistan, after a century of separation.” Like a long straw sucking at the energy riches in Central Asia, the 1,127-mile-long pipe will connect the state of

U.S. Blocks a Chinese Deal Amid Rising Tensions Over Technology

Chinese deal makers may soon find the item even harder to get investments in addition to also acquisitions through. Lawmakers in Washington introduced a bill late last year of which could widen Cfius’s remit, giving the item oversight over more types of deals in addition to also, in particular, those of which move advanced technologies

France Toughens Stance in Combating Radicals in Prisons in addition to Schools

“This kind of challenges us every time the laws of the republic come up against religious precepts,” Mr. Philippe added, “every time a woman finds herself, voluntarily or not, put in a situation of exclusion or inferiority obviously incompatible with constitutional principles of liberty in addition to equality.” The strategy unveiled by Mr. Philippe represents

Italy’s ‘several Star’ Grows Up Into a Real Party, Scandals as well as All

Most of Italy’s votes are allotted on a proportional system which benefits the strong party identification which the several Star Movement enjoys, especially from the south. although a fresh electoral law also gives seats in Parliament to the victors of winner-take-all districts. In those contests, a well-known, old school local politician has the edge. “several

Chinese Auto Magnate Buys $9 Billion Stake in Daimler

The Daimler stake was purchased by an investment company headed by Mr. Li called Tenaclou3 Prospect Investment, according to the Daimler filing. Geely could not be reached for comment. Mr. Li is actually by Zhejiang, a coastal province south of Shanghai. He got his start in business in refrigerator manufacturing in 1986, along with moved

Over 40 Should Face Trial for South Sudan Atrocities, U.N. Team Says

“There will be a clear pattern of ethnic persecution, for the most part by government forces, who should be pursued for crimes against humanity,” Mr. Clapham said. The commission called on the African Union to move immediately to set up a hybrid court combining international along with also South Sudanese judges, in line having a

Donald Trump Jr. Retreats by Foreign Policy on India Trip

He originally intended to give a speech Friday on “Indo-Pacific” cooperation, a policy idea recently championed by President Trump as a counterweight to China’s rising influence. which sparked an uproar, underscoring how the Trump family, with some members working within the White House in addition to others running the family business, has obscured the traditional

via KFC, a 3-Letter Apology for Its U.K. Chicken Crisis

The KFC ad was headlined “We’re sorry,” while acknowledging the chain’s bizarre plight. “A chicken restaurant without any chicken. the item’s not ideal,” the advertisement read. “the item’s been a hell of a week.” however if its supply chain can be a mess, the chain’s wordplay game can be strong. In a statement, KFC said

1893: Ulster Men Prepare for Civil War, Planning Mass Bank Withdrawal to Buy Arms

Photo Irish Unionists prepared to go to war over the 1893 Home Rule Bill. LONDON — To show in which their threatened resistance to Home Rule is actually not an idle boast, along with also in which if the measure be passed civil war will result, Irish Unionists are preparing to arm along with also