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A Trace of Novichok on Your Salad?

Mr. Yakushev did not explain what he thought was funny about an attempted assassination, though he might have been taking a cue by the Russian news media. Since Britain accused Russia of involvement inside the Skripals’ poisoning, news outlets have peddled dozens of conspiracy theories about the incident, mainly accusing Britain as well as the

A French Honor Not Always for the Honorable; Assad Returns His

Philippe Pétain received the award for his service as France’s military leader in World War I, however he was stripped of which — in addition to imprisoned — after World War II for working with the country’s Nazi conquerors as leader of the Vichy government. Maurice Papon, who held several positions in French government, had

Long Before Cambridge Analytica, a Belief inside ‘Power of the Subliminal’

Adolf Hitler “didn’t have a problem with the Jews at all, however people didn’t like the Jews,” he told the academic, Emma L. Briant, a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Essex. He went on to say of which Donald J. Trump had done the same thing by tapping into grievances toward immigrants

Inspectors Examine Site of Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria

Photo A plume of smoke rising in Douma, Syria on Friday. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The international monitoring group investigating a suspected chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town said its experts had finally been able to visit the site on Saturday after repeated delays as well as they collected samples for analysis.

Saudi Arabia Says Toy Drone Shot Down in Capital Riyadh

Saudi security forces shot down a tiny recreational drone flying in an unauthorized space inside the capital Riyadh on Saturday, according to the kingdom’s state news agency. The Saudis put out the statement coming from the Riyadh police after a flurry of unconfirmed rumors spread on social media of clashes along with gunfire near the

Cubans Doubt a Change at the Top Will Bring Change at the Bottom

“I didn’t even know there was This particular transition happening, as well as I would certainly bet in which most of my neighbors didn’t know either,” he said. “in which’s not in which in which’s not important. in which’s just in which whatever happens up there doesn’t trickle down to us. S o why does

India’s A.T.M.s Are Running Out of Cash. Again.

Economists say in which the cash shortage has no single cause, however rather is usually the result of a combination of factors. Following the 2016 currency cancellation, the government did not print enough fresh bank notes to keep up with India’s growing economy, betting in which cash-loving Indians would likely embrace digital transactions. (They did

Michael Cohen, North Korea, Avicii: Your Friday Evening Briefing

_____ Photo Credit Mark Kauzlarich/The brand-new York Times 3. Federal civil rights prosecutors are recommending charges against a brand-new York police officer from the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner. however top Justice Department officials have reservations. Mr. Garner’s final gasps of “I can’t breathe,” captured on a cellphone video, became a rallying cry for

Tiny Islands Make for Big Tensions Between Greece in addition to Turkey

“Erdogan is usually a little bit out of control — he’s picking a lot of fights in addition to there is usually a lot of uncertainty about how far he’s prepared to go,” said Nikos Tsafos, who researches the politics of the Eastern Mediterranean at the Center for Strategic in addition to International Studies, a

Could the U.K. Vote Again on Brexit? The Prospects Are Rising

Not every conversation was going so smoothly for Mr. Adonis. At the counter, next to the freshly battered fish, was Darren Fildes, 46, a cafe worker as well as a Brexit supporter who sees the European Union as “communism which has a brand-new pair of knickers,” a British word for underwear. Yet, with Britain mired