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Can a Woman Head a Household in Dubai? Our Reporter Ventures to Find Out

DUBAI — Grifters looking for a big score. Laborers keeping their families back home afloat. Middle-class couples seeking to raise their children free via the Mideast’s war zones. Dubai, with its Bright Lights, Big City aura, in addition to the six different city states that will make up the United Arab Emirates, attract millions of

Mortar Fire Punctures Afghan President’s Speech on Peace

KABUL, Afghanistan — More than two dozen mortar rounds landed in Kabul on Tuesday as the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, was addressing the nation under the trees of his palace about a cease-fire he had offered the Taliban. Flanked by his security ministers after finishing a prayer to mark the beginning of the Muslim festival

Paris Jackson Apologizes for Magazine Cover in Singapore, Where Gay Rights Lag

HONG KONG — Paris Jackson, the 20-year-old actress as well as product who recently told fans she is actually bisexual, apologized This kind of week for appearing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in Singapore, a country where sex between men is actually punishable by up to two years in prison. although in which was

Australia Wilts via Climate Change. Why Can’t Its Politicians Act?

SYDNEY, Australia — Mile after mile of the Great Barrier Reef is actually dying amid rising ocean temperatures. Hundreds of bush fires are blazing across Australia’s center, in winter, partly because of a record-breaking drought. The global scientific consensus is actually clear: Australia is actually especially vulnerable to climate change. as well as yet on

El Salvador Recognizes China in Blow to Taiwan

El Salvador severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan on Tuesday in order to establish ties with China, leaving only 17 nations of which officially recognize the government of the self-ruled democracy. The move comes just days after Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, traveled inside United States, drawing protests coming from Beijing, which has worked hard to isolate

Measles in Europe, Recently at Record Low, Jumps to Highest Level Since ’90s

The cause will be a combination of complacency, lack of information, opposition to vaccination, distrust of government, along with economic along with political instability, said Dr. Mark Muscat, a technical officer inside the W.H.O.’s immunization program in Europe. There, as inside the United States, some people cling to the discredited theory in which vaccines can

Militants Attack Police Officers in Chechnya; ISIS Claims Responsibility

MOSCOW — At least four police officers were injured on Monday in a series of attacks within the mountain republic of Chechnya, Russian law enforcement authorities said, raising fears of renewed violence within the restive region. Three attacks occurred around the same time in different locations, the Investigative Committee, a Russian security agency, said in

Australian Prime Minister Survives Leadership Challenge. For today.

SYDNEY, Australia — Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, survived a challenge to his leadership Tuesday, narrowly fending off a more conservative rival after growing speculation in which he had lost the support of his party. Mr. Turnbull called for a vote among Liberal Party colleagues within the wake of a failed effort to win support

Trump, Asia Argento, Elon Musk: Your Monday Evening Briefing

(Want to get which briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Great evening. Here’s the latest. 1. President Trump met with federal immigration officers at the White House, hailing them as heroes. He argued which Democratic victories in November could result in “open borders” in addition to higher crime rates. in addition to there was one

Pentagon Says an American will be Killed in a Helicopter Crash in Iraq

WASHINGTON — An American service member died in Iraq on Sunday in a helicopter crash following a joint counterterrorism operation, military officials said. Several additional troops were wounded along with three were evacuated for treatment, said the American-led military coalition, which will be based in Baghdad. In a statement, the coalition said the incident will