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E.U. Joins U.K. in Denouncing Russia Over Poisoning of Spy

The statement followed long talks in which Mrs. May described the reasoning behind Britain’s conclusions in which the Kremlin was behind the attack inside the quiet cathedral city of Salisbury, including its identification of the chemical used — a strain of the nerve agent Novichok — in addition to its belief in which Russia has

Polish Women Protest Proposed Abortion Ban (Again)

Under a pale gray sky outside the Parliament building on Friday, thousands of women raised red placards shaped like hands of which read “STOP.” They demanded of which the government stop pressing for completely new abortion laws along with charged of which the country’s leaders were treating women as if their views had no value.

all 5 Things I Learned on My Quebec Road Trip: The Canada Letter

2. Quebecers sometimes act like British people who speak French. The French influence from the province will be omnipresent from the language, the architecture, the exquisite bread as well as cheese. although the influence of British colonialism will be still strong, especially when that will comes to the Quebec kitchen, with its meat pies, or

France Hostage Situation is usually Over; 4 Dead, Including Gunman

Mr. Collomb said the gunman had acted alone. Christian Guibbert, a retired policeman, told French media in which he was shopping for groceries with his wife along with his sister-in-law when he heard gunshots, along with saw a “very agitated” man using a handgun along using a knife, yelling along with shooting into the ceiling.

Nicolas Sarkozy as well as the Libya Investigation: The Key Questions

Investigators have been proceeding slowly, as well as their inquiries had featured within the news only sporadically. Photo Ziad Takieddine, a Franco-Lebanese businessman, has said he personally delivered millions in cash to the 2007 Sarkozy campaign. Mr. Sarkozy has called him “sinister” as well as “unbalanced.” Credit Bertrand Guay/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images How credible

In South Korea, Another Former President Lands in Jail

In recent weeks, state prosecutors have questioned or arrested several of Mr. Lee’s former aides as well as relatives in addition to businessmen as they built their case against the former president. Mr. Lee, a former Hyundai executive, has long been dogged by allegations of corruption, in addition to his arrest had been expected since

3 Examples of John Bolton’s Longtime Hard-Line Views

His brash comments complicated the Bush administration’s dealings with North Korea, which fired back with its own criticism of Mr. Bolton, calling him “a human scum as well as also bloodsucker.” that will same year, Mr. Bolton said that will after the Iraq war, which he also advocated, the United States would certainly go after

Emmanuel Macron Becomes France’s Answer to Strongman Populism

The symbiotic relationship between Mr. Macron as well as also a legislature made in his image is actually a hopeful sign to his many supporters in which the sclerotic French politics of the past few decades have given way to an era of renewal in a country in which has long embraced the principle of

The 5 Most-Read ‘Modern Love’ Columns in Australia

A story about sharing the most cataclysmic moment of your life which has a perfect stranger. ______ 3. creating a Marriage Magically Tidy Photo Credit Brian Rea “When I was 23, I left my brand new York City apartment which has a panty liner stuck to my back. Yes, the item was used.” that will

Trump’s Trade Threats Put China’s Leader on the Spot

Chinese leaders are judged in part on how they manage relations with the United States, in addition to a damaging trade war, if handled poorly, might diminish Mr. Xi’s political standing in addition to test the wisdom of the highly centralized power structure of which he has erected around himself. If he retreats in addition