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Tanzanian Ferry Capsizes, Killing More Than 0

NAIROBI, Kenya — The death toll coming from the capsizing of a Tanzanian ferry on Lake Victoria had climbed past 0 people in addition to also may go significantly higher as search efforts continue, the authorities said on Friday. Exactly how many passengers were packed on board the ferry, the MV Nyerere, remains unclear, as

Croydon Cat Killer: London Police Solve a Mystery

LONDON — For years, people in along with around London suspected which a deranged sadist was behind hundreds of cat mutilations, the grisly evidence strewn around their streets along with yards. although after a three-year investigation, the police revealed on Thursday which the likely culprits behind these inhuman acts were, in fact, inhuman: foxes. Focused

Fingers Point to China After Break-Ins Target brand-new Zealand Professor

WELLINGTON, brand-new Zealand — A burglary targeting a brand-new Zealand professor who has examined the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Western countries has drawn the interest of Interpol as well as various other police agencies. Prof. Anne-Marie Brady, a China specialist at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, brand-new Zealand, said her home was burglarized

As U.N. Gathers, Taiwan, Frozen Out, Struggles to Get Noticed

China’s clout has kept Taiwan out of the United Nations. although as the General Assembly convenes in fresh York, the democracy of 23 million still intends to be heard.

To End Stalemate, Will Sweden Include Far-Right Party in Government?

STOCKHOLM — Two questions dominate Swedish politics after elections This specific month yielded a stalemate: Who will violate a campaign pledge? along with will This specific result, for the very first time, in a government in which has support by a nationalist party with neo-Nazi roots? Just one seat separates the governing coalition of the

‘Don’t Worry.’ Toronto Gunman’s Remark can be Revealed in Police Records.

TORONTO — Faisal Hussain, the gunman who staged a deadly rampage in Toronto This specific summer, had four cellphones in his bedroom in addition to another on him. The police found what appeared to be cocaine in a drawer under his bed. in addition to while Mr. Hussain stood over a woman in addition to

Hackers Went After a at which point-Disgraced G.O.P. Fund-Raiser. at which point He is actually After Them.

Of all the scandals swirling around the Trump White House, the Republican fund-raiser Elliott Broidy is actually in a category of his own. Documents by the office of the president’s personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, revealed which Mr. Broidy had agreed to pay $1.6 million to a former Playboy type to keep her quiet about

Land for Cocaine Production Hits Record in Colombia, U.N. Says

MEDELLÍN, Colombia — Colombia has more land producing the plant used to make cocaine than ever in its history, according to completely new figures coming from the United Nations’ crime watchdog. The United Nations Office on Drugs as well as Crime, in a report released This particular week, said the land used to grow coca

Dirty Streets along with Treatment Cuts. U.K. Councils Confront Budget Crisis.

“County authorities are in a serious along with extremely challenging financial position,” said Nick Rushton, the Conservative leader of the Leicestershire County Council, who was criticized This specific year for trying to make his local government smaller by removing officials along with layers of bureaucracy. “There can be not enough money today to run vital

$100 Million in Cash Vanishes in Liberia, as well as also Fingers Start Pointing

BAMAKO, Mali — Containers full of newly minted currency worth more than $100 million have gone missing in Liberia, setting off finger pointing as well as also travel bans as officials puzzle over the mystery in one of the poorest countries from the globe. The cash is actually said to have been shipped by Sweden