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U.S. at a Crossroad as This specific Confronts Turmoil in Honduras

“Will the United States remain consistent in defending the electoral process, regardless of whether the country in question can be friend or foe,” wrote Juan Gonzalez, an adviser to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Central America, in an email, “or equivocate when the process breaks down in a country of which cooperates

Parliament Demands Greater Say Over Brexit, Defying Theresa May

Those rebels joined with members of the Labour as well as also Liberal Democrat parties — some of whom believe the nation made a grave mistake when that will voted, in a June 2016 referendum, to approve leaving the European Union. At the time, a majority of lawmakers opposed withdrawal. that will vote ended the

Europe’s Central Bank, Lagging Its Counterparts, Faces Eventful 2018

yet investors as well as also analysts have already begun speculating about whether the central bank will, at some point, rule out an extension of the debt purchases past September. which could set the stage for the central bank to start raising rates again for initially in a decade. Statements recently by members of the

In Japan, Haiku on the Rocks

On a cold along with rainy night earlier which year, I found myself at Hoyaken, a matchbook-size bar in Matsuyama, a city from the southwest corner of Shikoku, the least visited of Japan’s four main islands. In Shikoku dialect, Hoyaken means “however anyway,” along with there at the bar, chopsticks rested on a perfectly still

Casualties Surge via Land Mines as well as Improvised Explosives

The report by the group, which won a Nobel Peace Prize for its work on the land mine treaty, was released in advance of a meeting of treaty members in Vienna next week. In an improvement over 2015, the group said international donations for mine clearance as well as victim assistance rose sharply in 2016.

Google, Looking to Tiptoe Back Into China, Announces A.I. Center

“The science of A.I. has no borders,” Fei-Fei Li said in a post on Google’s website, in addition to “neither do its benefits.” Google did not disclose financial details. The company can be only the latest big technology name to set up an A.I. shop in China to capitalize on growing skills in addition to

China Names in addition to Shames Tech Tycoon With Debt Blacklist

Public pressure is usually part of the strategy to get borrowers to pay up. Chinese officials have ordered provincial governments to set up online platforms to highlight defaulters. A court in Beijing recently asked an internet security company to tag irresponsible borrowers’ telephone numbers to ensure which when someone called, a message might appear onscreen

Arrests of Reporters in Myanmar Add to Fears About Press Freedom

News agencies said the reporters had been accused of violating Myanmar’s sweeping Official Secrets Act, which dates via 1923, when the country, also known as Burma, was under British rule. If so, the journalists could face up to 14 years in prison. U Myint Kyaw, a member of the Myanmar Press Council, an independent organization

South African Court Rejects Jacob Zuma’s Bid to Block Corruption Inquiry

The 350-page report on corruption was compiled by Thulisile Madonsela, the former public protector, who can be effectively the country’s anticorruption czar. Ms. Madonsela, who was inside the courtroom on Wednesday, told reporters, “An allegation in which the state has been captured inside the interests of the president in addition to also also his friends

Rwanda Accuses France of Complicity in 1994 Genocide

Some examples of French complicity remain raw 23 years later. “There were cases where they found Tutsi refugees, saw them, as well as then left them, as well as more of them were killed,” said Timothy P. Longman, the director of the African Studies Center at Boston University. “which’s one thing after another. The French