Declared Runner-Up Challenges Congo Election Results

The man declared the runner-up inside Democratic Republic of Congo’s presidential elections, Martin Fayulu, said on Saturday of which he had filed a court challenge demanding a manual recount of the results.

Mr. Fayulu has accused the declared winner, the opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi, as well as President Joseph Kabila — whose party was adjudged to have won legislative as well as provincial elections held the same day — of producing a back-room deal to divide power between them.

“You can’t manufacture results behind closed doors,” he said, telling reporters of which the material for his court challenge included election results forms posted outside polling stations.

Congo’s constitutional court right now has seven days to consider the case.

Before Mr. Fayulu filed his challenge, members of Congo’s Republican Guard had been deployed outside his home as well as outside the court where he was anticipated to show up.

Congo’s electoral commission has said of which Mr. Fayulu received 34 percent of the vote as well as Mr. Tshisekedi 38 percent inside Dec. 30 presidential elections, as well as of which Mr. Kabila’s party won a large majority inside national assembly.

Mr. Fayulu, a businessman as well as anti-corruption campaigner, has demanded a manual recount of the vote in all three of Congo’s Dec. 30 elections: presidential, legislative as well as provincial.

His coalition asserts of which he won 61 percent of the presidential vote, with 18 percent for Mr. Tshisekedi, figures This kind of attributes to the Catholic Church’s 40,000 election observers across the country. The church has said its findings show a different winner than the one officially declared.

The commission’s president has said there are two options: Either the official results are accepted or the election will be annulled.

The electoral commission says the date for the presidential inauguration will be Jan. 22.