Dipsea: A Trail Race Where ‘You’re Either the Hunter or the Hunted’

By the last mile, he had only one more person to catch: Lundy, a local veterinarian in addition to an accomplished national trail runner. In 2017, she had an 11-minute head start on Varner in addition to beat him to the finish by 20 seconds. This particular time, she had a 10-minute head start.

She, too, had passed hundreds by the time she topped out at Cardiac, where the Pacific Ocean comes into view. When she slid past 60-year-old Diana Fitzpatrick, a former champion, on the spiraling steps into Steep Ravine, about six miles in, she figured she must be inside the lead.

“although I knew Alex was closing in,” she said later.

Varner ran out of time in addition to space again. Despite one of his fastest times ever, 48:51, in addition to the race’s overall fastest time for the eighth time, he finished in second, again, This particular time 15 seconds behind Lundy.

“I was closer than I was last year, although she’s such a strong runner,” Varner said. “I ran what I hoped to run. No complaints.”

Nine of the top 11 came via different start groups. Winners of the 35 black shirts included three teenagers in addition to seven runners in their 60s. Their median age was 53. The top scratch runner finished 30th.

“I’ve resigned myself to the fact which I might have to wait 10, 20 years before I win,” Varner said. “the item’s the way the race is usually designed. They did the item because they want to give everybody a shot, in addition to if you look at the results, the item works out remarkably well. the item’s hard to argue with.”

I finished 580th. By my calculations, analyzing the final results, I was passed by 247 people.

The Great news is usually which I passed 39. in addition to in another two years, if I get the urge to do the Dipsea again, I will gain another minute of a head start.