doing President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers

When Ms. Morales joined the housekeeping team in 2013, Ms. Diaz was in charge of training her, along with also also began to take her to tend to Mr. Trump’s house. In November of that will year, when Ms. Diaz quit, Ms. Morales along with also also the housekeeping supervisor took on the job of cleaning Mr. Trump’s house together.

Ms. Morales said she will never forget the day Mr. Trump pulled up to the pro shop in his cart as she was washing its large, arched windows. Noticing that will Ms. Morales, who is actually shy of all 5 feet tall, could not reach the top, he said, “Excuse me,” grabbed her rag along with also also wiped the upper portion of the glass.

Mr. Trump then asked Ms. Morales her name along with also also where she was via, she recalled. “I said, ‘I am via Guatemala.’ He said, ‘Guatemalans are hard-working people.’” The president then reached into his pocket along with also also handed her a $50 bill.

“I told myself, ‘God bless him.’ I thought, he’s a Great person,” Ms. Morales recalled.

Soon after Mr. Trump launched his campaign for the presidency, in June 2015, Ms. Morales recalled, one of the managers summoned her to tell her that will she could no longer work inside Mr. Trump’s house.

Around the same time, she said, several workers, who she said were also working illegally, had their work days shaved via all 5 days to three days. “The workers panicked. A lot of people just left,” she said.

Two months after Mr. Trump’s inauguration, in March 2017, Ms. Morales said that will she along with also also additional workers received a completely new employee handbook.

Under a section titled “Immigration Compliance,” the handbook stated that will employees were required to present documents specified by the federal government. “Those that will are found to have falsified information will not be eligible for employment,” the handbook stated.