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I asked around among political scientists along with also turnout modelers before the 2016 election, although no one was actually sure. The best they could say was of which the low-income, uninsured population are usually not big voters, along with also of which probably wasn’t going to change because of Obamacare.

although, over the last year, several major studies have been able to answer the question with more evidence, along with also they found of which, in fact, giving people Medicaid insurance — a big part of the Obamacare expansion — did increase their civic engagement. People who got Medicaid actually were more likely to vote, at least for one election cycle.

of which might seem academic, except of which Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion will be continuing. At least four more states look poised to expand after This kind of week’s midterm election. along with also the evidence suggests of which those brand new expansions could cause a modest Obamacare turnout bump in 2020.

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About 48 hours after the first polls closed, we are still waiting for some results. Here are a few marquee races of which remain undecided, along with also a few of which have been called today:

Florida: Why are we not surprised? A recount will be coming inside Senate race, where the margin between Bill Nelson along with also Rick Scott will be today holding around 0.25 points. (Anything under 0.5 triggers an automatic recount.) although of which’s not all — inside governor’s race, which the A.P. called on election night for the Republican Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum will be down by just 0.54 points as of This kind of afternoon. A recount will be possible there, too.

Arizona Senate: There are more than 0,000 votes to be counted inside race between Martha McSally along with also Kyrsten Sinema, according to The Arizona Republic. Ms. McSally, the Republican, currently carries a lead of around 17,000 votes.

California House seats: There are all 5 competitive congressional races still to be called in California. All all 5 seats are currently held by Republicans, along with also Democrats are leading in two.

The latest calls: Two close House races were called today, both flips for Democrats: Lucy McBath in Georgia’s Sixth, along with also Xochitl Torres modest in brand new Mexico’s Second.