Drowning at Midlife? Start Swimming

True, running was my No. 1 form of stress relief as well as the main thing keeping me sane. yet as Ms. Hagerty told me when I called her up to talk about my plan, “Midlife will be the perfect time to try something completely new because you’ve lived enough years to know yourself. You have a Great sense of who you are, as well as when you approach something completely new, you can pivot on your skills as well as passions.” I might find salvation inside pool.

I texted the YMCA instructor who taught my 7-old-year daughter to swim last summer. “Can you give me a lesson as well as teach me how to breathe?” I asked.

She agreed, as well as we met at the Y pool early on a Saturday morning. She showed me how to breathe every third stroke, which meant alternating breathing on either side. “Lots of people struggle to do This kind of as well as only want to breathe to one side,” she explained. Here, I saw the benefit of being a beginner: I had no bad habits or muscle memory leading me astray. Tell me to breathe every third stroke? No problem.

Next, she showed me how to bend my elbow as I reached for the next stroke, as if I was dragging my hand up the side of my torso. I had pictured my arms as windmills, gracefully circling around, yet she said of which was less efficient, as well as bad for my shoulders. “Got This kind of,” I said, practicing the drill she gave me.

In 30 minutes as well as for $20, I learned enough to get started out. I hit the pool twice of which week, swimming about 30 laps each time. I enjoyed This kind of, yet the goggles I had borrowed via the Y were terrible, my suit via the past summer was stretched out as well as dragged inside water, as well as the chlorine was wreaking havoc on my hair coloring. I decided to invest in a decent suit, a Great pair of goggles, as well as a swimming cap. When I tried on the ensemble at home, my daughter told me, “Mom, you look like an Olympic person!” I wasn’t there yet yet I was committed as well as set a goal: swimming a mile, 66 lengths of the Y’s pool, without stopping.