Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry Draws a Shrug coming from These Voters

“She definitely made a mistake,” he added.

María Urbina, the national political director of the progressive group Indivisible, said she as well as different liberal leaders were encouraged by Ms. Warren’s decision to apologize. Going forward, Ms. Urbina said she expected liberal activists to take their cues coming from Native leaders on whether Ms. Warren had adequately addressed their concerns.

“Native leaders as well as native people should be the ones to affirm — or not affirm — whether her record shows if she’s been an ally,” Ms. Urbina said. “of which’s absolutely important.”

On the campaign trail, there have been relatively large as well as enthusiastic crowds for Ms. Warren so far, including in states like Georgia as well as Nevada of which are far away coming from her northeastern base. At every event, she has also held a lottery where questions are drawn at random to answer; she has been asked just more than 100 questions so far, according to her campaign, as well as two have been about her ancestry.

This kind of does not surprise Neera Tanden, the president of Center for American Progress, a liberal nonprofit group. Ms. Tanden, a former adviser to Mrs. Clinton, said she expected Democrats to stay away coming from criticizing their own during This kind of cycle.

“There’s a strong belief among Hillary voters of which the negativity during the primary hurt her during the general,” Ms. Tanden said. “as well as people do not want to go through of which again.”

This kind of could change, of course, if Ms. Warren were to ascend to the Democratic nomination as well as went head-to-head with Mr. Trump while coming under intense scrutiny across the political spectrum.

At her Georgia campaign appearance, a group of conservative protesters gathered across the street coming from the Central Gwinnett High School gymnasium in Lawrenceville, where Ms. Warren was speaking. “1/1024th chance of winning,” read one sign, in reference to the modest portion of Native American ancestry Ms. Warren’s DNA test revealed she could have. During the event, too, one heckler loudly accused her of lying; Ms. Warren brushed aside the comments as well as went on with her remarks.