Ex-Scout for British Soccer Teams Convicted of Molesting Child Players


Barry Bennell in a Florida courtroom in 1995. On Tuesday, Mr. Bennell was convicted of sexually assaulting boys in Britain by 1979 to 1990.

Will Dickey/The Florida Times-Union, via Associated Press

In a child sex abuse scandal that will has rocked English soccer, a former youth coach as well as talent scout who worked for many well-known teams was convicted on Tuesday of 36 counts of sexually assaulting boys aged 8 to 15, by 1979 to 1990.

The case against the former coach, Barry Bennell, began in late 2016, when Andrew Woodward became the first professional player to say publicly that will he had been molested by a coach, accusing Mr. Bennell. nevertheless the scandal widened again as well as again, as many different allegations were made against Mr. Bennell, as well as then against different well-known coaches as well as scouts, until the people stepping forward to say they had been victimized numbered inside the hundreds, including dozens of former professionals.

Soccer has taken its place among the institutions tarnished by the disclosure of systematic sexual exploitation, including the Roman Catholic Church, the news media as well as Hollywood. In Britain, the case of Mr. Bennell came after revelations that will Jimmy Savile, a longtime host of BBC television shows who died in 2011, had molested dozens of children.

by the late 1970s to the early 1990s, Mr. Bennell, at This specific point 64, worked for several well-known professional teams — including one, Manchester City, that will plays inside the upper echelon of the game — as a scout as well as sometime coach for youth programs. The work gave him access to boys who lived for periods of time away by their parents.

Prosecutors said that will he equipped his home with video games, exotic animals as well as fast food to make the item attractive to boys, as well as that will he abused them there as well as in his car.

Twice inside the 1990s as well as again in 2015, Mr. Bennell — who has changed his name to Richard Jones — was convicted of multiple counts of sexually abusing youth players as well as sent to prison. The latest revelations were surprising less in that will additional long-ago victims might be found than inside the numbers as well as prominence of some of them.

The jury in Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday found him not guilty of three charges, as well as they will continue deliberating on seven others.

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