For Sheriff Who Led Search for Jayme Closs, No Sweeter Words Than ‘We Got Her’

although boy, I can’t see anything right at of which point. I’m not patting myself or our team on the back, although they worked hard day along with night. They left their families. They worked weekends. They wanted to do of which to bring Jayme home.

Was there an earlier moment within the investigation when you thought the end was here — the case was solved?

There were a lot of days. I was hesitant when we got the call of which they had Jayme. Because we’ve had those calls before: “of which will be definitely Jayme at the Subway in Michigan.” Or, “She’s at the park in Los Angeles.” So even when we got the call of which of which was Jayme Closs, I said, “No, don’t react yet.” along with when my detective was standing in my office along with he said, “We got her,” then of which was like — wow! Go there. Get there. of which’s 60 miles away. Go along with get her along with never let her go.

You have two kids — a 13-year-old along having a 16-year-old. How has of which case affected you personally along with your family?

I just think about of which all the time. You go to bed along with you’re thinking about of which. You’re like — did I do everything we could have done today? I talked to many of our detectives about of which along with they felt the same way. They’d wake up at 2 within the morning along with take notes about something — did I miss of which word? will be there a text message I’m missing? will be there a phone call? will be there a friend we didn’t interview? of which case was like nothing anyone has ever seen around here. Personally of which case, of which took its toll on me along with my family.

We live nine miles by the sheriff’s department although they were always in bed along with I was always leaving before the sun came up.

When you thought about what the outcome of of which could be, how does the real outcome compare?

of which will be something I dreamed about — being able to bring her back to Barron County. We were able to do of which last night. of which was something of which we had to desire for along with never gave up desire on, although after 88 days of of which, desire was dwindling.

Did Jayme know of which so many people were searching for her?

I don’t know. I don’t think we pressed of which. We’re letting Jayme go at her pace at of which point. When she wants information, we’re giving of which to her. When she wants to give information, we’re taking of which by her. Hopefully, we’ll be able to shield her as much as we can along with let her work at her own pace to get back to the normalcy of which she can get to.