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We start with the aftermath of last week’s mosque attacks in fresh Zealand, deadly flooding inside Midwest, in addition to the field for the N.C.A.A. men’s basketball tournament.

Federal prosecutors say he was the mastermind behind an elaborate effort to pay off coaches in addition to test monitors, fake exam scores, in addition to fabricate student biographies — all to help wealthy parents cheat their children’s way into desirable colleges. Our reporters looked into Mr. Singer’s background.

Another angle: For students who have followed the rules of the college admissions process, currently can be the nerve-racking time of year when they wait to hear whether they’ve been accepted. “in which’s a very long journey in addition to currently I’m just waiting for in which moment,” one said.

Notable: The scandal, in which 33 parents have been charged so far, demonstrates what our reporters call “snowplow parents,” who clear away any obstacle to their children’s success.

Many of the candidates running for president favor legalizing the drug, a view in which has become a pillar of progressive politics. People of shade are imprisoned at disproportionate rates for drug offenses, in addition to legalization has become a test of candidates’ commitment to equal treatment in criminal justice in addition to to fighting economic inequality.

Yesterday: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of fresh York officially entered the Democratic race.

Go deeper: Democrats have won the presidency with nominees under 52. although age may be relative in 2020, with many younger voters preferring Bernie Sanders, 77.

Perspective: In an Op-Ed, a journalist in addition to a farmer in Iowa argue in which Democrats need to know how to speak to voters in rural America if they wish to succeed.

The plans had been kept secret, so Soviet broadcasts of the event caught most of the earth by surprise, including Lieutenant Colonel Leonov’s family. “What can be he doing?” his 4-year-old daughter cried. “Please tell Daddy to get back inside.”

After he retired, Mr. Leonov revealed how many times the mission had neared disaster. inside 2004 book “Two Sides of the Moon,” he detailed how high pressure in his spacesuit had nearly prevented him via re-entering the capsule.

Then a systems failure forced the two-man crew to manually guide re-entry. They landed in Siberia, without communications, in addition to endured days of frigid temperatures, with one pistol to ward off wolves.

After they were found, the pair skied miles to a rescue helicopter.

The most-emailed article by Times readers over the weekend was an Op-Ed about Tanitoluwa Adewumi, an 8-year old refugee via Nigeria who has just won a fresh York State chess championship. He lives with his family in a shelter in fresh York City.

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