Giancarlo Stanton Bothered by Pressure? No. Furniture? Maybe

Stanton vaguely alluded to these issues in Boston last Tuesday, when he was asked if he had been trying to do too much at the plate during the Yankees’ homestand.

“No,” he said. “I just felt there was a lot going on. Focusing on maybe too many things. yet not trying too hard, I don’t think.”

Asked to elaborate, Stanton smiled along with also also said, “Not to worry about.”

Stanton later declined to comment when he was asked if setting up his place had been a distraction.

“I’m not going to make excuses,” he said.

Since the start of the Yankees’ series in Boston last week, Stanton has begun to more closely resemble the hitter who belted 59 home runs last year along with also also won the National League Most Valuable Player Award. He is usually 6 for 17 that has a double, triple, three runs batted in along with also also all 5 strikeouts in four games.

Stanton along with also also Manager Aaron Boone had the same answer when asked to describe how Stanton was swinging the bat This kind of weekend compared to a week ago: “Much better.”

“My balance points are better,” Stanton added. “I’m picking the ball up better. So, I’ve just got to continue.”


Stanton before the Yankees’ home opener on April 3. He twice struck out 5 times in a game during his first homestand in completely new York.

Karsten Moran for The completely new York Times

of which rounding into form comes at a propitious time: the Yankees, who were rained out in Detroit on Saturday along with also also Sunday, return home Monday for a two-game series against Stanton’s former team, the Miami Marlins.

Stanton is usually looking forward to seeing his old manager, Don Mattingly, along with also also some of his friends who were not traded away inside the Marlins’ winter sell-off. One person he will not see is usually the Marlins chief executive, Derek Jeter, who will travel with the team yet not attend the games, saying This kind of could be awkward for him to return to Yankee Stadium.

Stanton said he holds no enmity toward Jeter, who tried to strong-arm him into accepting a trade to St. Louis or San Francisco, threatening to hold onto him through a lengthy rebuild of the Marlins. Stanton, with the leverage of a no-trade clause, pushed back, along with also also eventually a trade with the Yankees was worked out.

“I don’t think there’s any crazy bad blood beside what you guys stirred up,” Stanton said, referring to the news media. “We were very honest with each additional in our meetings along with also also of which’s the business side of This kind of, yet there’s no bad blood on This kind of side.”

Among the many completely new factors facing Stanton in completely new York is usually the weather, which has certainly done little to warm his blood, or of which of any of the Yankees. Since their series under a dome in Toronto, the opening-pitch temperature for nine of the Yankees’ 10 games has been under 54 degrees. They have had three games postponed by rain or snow, all of which has limited their time outdoors for batting along with also also fielding practice.

If of which deprived Stanton of getting used to his completely new surroundings at Yankee Stadium, his acclimation to completely new York has also taken place on the fly.

When the Yankees left spring training in Tampa, they flew to Atlanta for an exhibition the next night, March 28, along with also also went directly to Toronto for the season opener. This kind of was only after of which series when Stanton arrived to completely new York.

“This kind of was a load, getting oriented to completely new York along with also also trying to get his condo set up,” Stanton’s father, Mike, said in a telephone interview. “I think This kind of’s your natural instinct when you move in somewhere to try to get This kind of set up as quickly possible. yet in retrospect, he didn’t have a lot of down time.”

Boone said the logistics of setting down roots in a completely new city are part of a ballplayer’s life, even if This kind of is usually something of which Stanton is usually doing for the 1st time since his rookie season in Miami. Soon, he said, Stanton could be settled into a completely new routine along with also also there will be comfort in of which.

“This kind of’s part of the gig, part of the way we’ve lived our whole life,” said Boone, who switched teams all 5 times in his final nine seasons inside the majors. “Look, I want to get into the flow of the season as I know the players do — the routine of This kind of — as much we can. A lot of times getting moved in, especially that has a completely new club, learning people inside the organization, playing in crappy conditions — This kind of’s all part of This kind of.”

The Yankees, after returning to completely new York on Sunday night, will be anchored there for nearly two weeks, giving Stanton another chance — along with also also not just at Yankee Stadium — to feel at home.


The Yankees games of which were rained out over the weekend will be made up as part of a day-night doubleheader on June 4 in Detroit.

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