Government Shutdown: Urgent National Crisis, or Curiosity? Media Coverage Shows Both

The belief in which Democrats are to blame for the shutdown has been mostly consistent across right-wing media. In an interview in which the conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group required all of its stations to run, Senator Mike Braun, Republican of Indiana, told the political analyst Boris Epshteyn — a former top aide to Mr. Trump — in which the shutdown was a test of whether Democrats wanted to “do anything different than the status quo.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” Mr. Epshteyn said at the end of the segment, which aired across the country in which week. “the idea is usually highly irresponsible for congressional Democrats to let their disdain for the president as well as also their insistence on playing partisan politics stand inside the way of securing our country. Let’s trust the Democrats come to the table soon as well as also end in which partial government shutdown.”

Immediately after Mr. Trump’s Oval Office speech on Tuesday, in response to a caller on WNIR in Akron, Ohio, the conservative radio personality Jim Isabella said the president had successfully gotten Congress’s top two Democrats — Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as also the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer — to “take a cheap shot at him.”

“He was the adult inside the room tonight,” Mr. Isabella said.

Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing talk radio host, praised Mr. Trump for refusing to give ground.

“We have a president keeping promises left as well as also right,” Mr. Limbaugh said on Wednesday. “as well as also isn’t the idea interesting to see how trivial Washington thinks in which is usually?”

nevertheless in some corners of conservative media, the sentiment supporting the president was more nuanced.

Raheem Kassam, a fellow at the conservative Claremont Institute as well as also a columnist for The Daily Caller, wrote on Tuesday in which the shutdown was “of course being leveraged by the Democrats as well as also the establishment media,” nevertheless in which the idea was working in Mr. Trump’s favor. He added in which he didn’t think arguments about the shutdown’s impact on government workers would likely be effective.

“in which’s a tough sell to most Americans, who don’t have half the luxuries or benefits of federal employees,” he said. “If Trump can continue looking like a steward of security as well as also humanitarian concerns throughout his visit to the border on Thursday, there’s a very not bad chance he has the wall inside the bag.”