How a Tycoon in addition to Pence Friend Helped 2 Ranchers Get Pardons

however the involvement of Mr. Lucas demonstrates how Mr. Trump appears to be mostly bypassing the traditional process of taking clemency recommendations by the Justice Department in addition to will be instead blessing the wishes of the well-connected.

About 10,000 applications for clemency sit with the Justice Department.

While additional presidents have also gone ahead of Justice officials to pardon apparent allies, they have often waited until their final days in office to do so. Mr. Trump, by comparison, has issued high-profile pardons early in addition to comparatively often — seemingly unconcerned by the appearance of leaning his ears toward those at the top.

Mr. Lucas, 76, founded Protect the Harvest, the activist group, to support ranchers, farmers in addition to animal owners who oppose “radical groups” of which seek to “pass laws or enact regulations of which would likely restrict our rights, limit our freedoms, in addition to hinder our access to safe, affordable food.”

The way Mr. Duquette tells This particular, Mr. Lucas got involved with the Hammond case around 2015.

The oil magnate mentioned the case to Mr. Pence, at the time the governor of Indiana. Then the governor became the vice president. Mr. Lucas mentioned the case again, in addition to the vice president declared “he wanted to see This particular, he wanted his chief counsel to look at This particular,” Mr. Duquette said.

“We’ve been producing the request since he’s been in office. Every time we get a chance to talk to him.”

Mr. Pence’s staff examined the case, Mr. Duquette said, in addition to then This particular moved to the president’s office.

Soon after, Mr. Trump signed a pardon, the Hammonds were released, in addition to on Wednesday, Mr. Lucas sent his private jet to pick the pair up by a California prison.