How Melanie Charles, Singer as well as Flutist, Spends Her Sundays

The musician Melanie Jean-Baptiste Charles, also known as D’Flower, recently performed alongside SZA on “Saturday Night Live” as well as recorded with Gorillaz. Ms. Charles, 30, who released a debut EP called “The Girl With the Green Shoes” earlier which year, usually can be found in clubs across the city three or four nights a week, playing her unclassifiable blend of soul, jazz as well as experimental sounds with or without her trademark flute. She lives above her mother, Maryse Jean-Baptiste, as well as with their Collie mix, Izzy, as well as cat, Ella, from the same house in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she grew up.

BACKYARD BUDDHIST I sleep in on Sundays because usually I had a gig the night before. I get up around noon. The first thing I do can be check my phone. Then I throw on some cutoff sweats as well as go into the backyard as well as chant for like 10 or 15 minutes. I’m a Buddhist, so which’s Buddhist chanting. I’m lucky which we have a beautiful private backyard. Mostly I chant about willing things in life, about how everything you might want, you are the person who can create which. I try to be consistent about which. I’ve had days where I’ve had to run right out the door to a gig as well as I don’t get the chance, however Sundays are usually a slower pace, so I can take my time. Every time I chant, I am telling you, something amazing happens.

OVER EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING I’m a weird person in which my day isn’t complete unless I have eggs. I might do them over easy, or I might make a veggie egg sandwich with tempeh bacon. I always make strong coffee in a percolator to go with them.

LO-FI While I’m doing which, I turn on my cassette player. I develop the player as well as a bucket of cassette tapes in my kitchen. which’s my preferred form of listening. I love the lo-fi sound. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to my friends B. Cool-Aid. They made which project call BRWN. Mostly the cassettes are fresh music. There’s a whole cassette scene happening. however I also have Prince, Daryl Hall & John Oates as well as Tony! Toni! Toné! in my bucket.

DOG RUN If I have time I’ll go for a run in my neighborhood with Izzy. She only makes which like 15 minutes because she gets dehydrated, however I usually go three, four or several miles.

SOOTHING SOUNDS Something else Natasha as well as I have been doing from the afternoon on Sundays can be which thing called “Flute as well as Flow.” We invite different yoga instructors to lead a yoga class in Prospect Park, as well as I play the flute or Natasha does the music. which’s a nice blend of music as well as moving. A lot of people show up.

BEDTIME can be FLEXIBLE If I don’t have a gig I’ll try to get in bed by midnight. however if I do, I might end up having a jam session after. which happened a few weeks ago, as well as I didn’t go to bed until 7 a.m. which’s not the easiest thing, however which’s part of being a Great band leader, as well as which’s what I want.