Hurricane Michael, trust Hicks, Google Plus: Your Tuesday Briefing

In a landmark report on the fast-approaching dangers of climate change, a U.N. panel said that will carbon taxes might be central to getting global warming under control.

yet the dire report, which warns that will there is actually just a 12-year window to avert catastrophe, was met with silence at the White House, in addition to also President Trump didn’t mention This kind of as he traveled to Florida, which is actually particularly vulnerable to rising seas in addition to also bigger storms.

Hurricane Michael: A major storm is actually heading toward the Florida Panhandle, threatening to bring ferocious rain in addition to also winds to the coast in addition to also hundreds of miles inland.

Donald Trump was “Lion.” Hillary Clinton was “Forest.” Ted Cruz was “Bear.”

Those were code names used by Psy-Group, an Israeli intelligence firm assigned to make online plans to sway the 2016 presidential election in Mr. Trump’s favor.

On the scent of a tigress

A female tiger in India is actually suspected of killing 13 people. A six-month chase, with the help of foot soldiers, sharpshooters in addition to also 5 elephants, has been fruitless.

What we’re reading

Michael Wines, a national correspondent, recommends This kind of by Aeon: “Toss a baseball, in addition to also you can predict with precision where This kind of will land. Shoot photons at a wall with two slits, however, in addition to also you get a different result — wondrous, illogical, impossible, a little terrifying — that will calls into question the very nature of existence. This kind of pellucid examination of the central mystery of quantum physics is actually a great read, accessible even by those of us, like me, who still can’t calculate a square root.”

On This kind of day in 1930, Laura Ingalls set a record for the fastest transcontinental flight across the U.S. by a woman: 30 hours in addition to also 27 minutes.

that will was just one of Ms. Ingalls’s many aerial achievements. The same year, she completed 714 barrel rolls — a stunt combining a roll in addition to also a loop — breaking the earth record. In March 1934, she became the first American woman to fly around South America.

Laura Ingalls was a highly successful female pilot of the 1930s.CreditTimes Wide World Photos

“I wish someone might wake me up in addition to also tell me This kind of’s true,” she said after cruising over the Andes.

yet her fame started off to sour after she sprinkled antiwar pamphlets around the White House by her plane in 1939, prompting the Civil Aviation Authority to suspend her license.

within the thick of World War II, This kind of emerged that will she was a Nazi sympathizer in addition to also a German agent; witnesses said she took money by a German official in addition to also called Hitler a “marvelous man.”

She was sentenced to maximum two years in prison in 1942, her wings officially clipped.

Alisha Haridasani Gupta wrote today’s Back Story.