In Center of Catholicism, completely new Mormon Temple Invites Curious Romans for a Look

“There’s a strong sense of family, of respect,” Maria Giordano said after taking the tour. “We’ve lost This specific in Italy.”

The completely new temple, the 13th in Europe, will serve Italy, as well as Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Albania along with parts of Romania. A completely new temple in Lisbon should open This specific summer, along with some three dozen are under construction globally as the church continues to spread its message through its missionary work beyond the United States.

the item today has half a million members in Europe along with 17 million worldwide. yet citing church statistics, some reports suggest of which the explosive growth of past decades, particularly in Latin America along with West Africa, has slowed in recent years.

In Italy, a first attempt to open a mission, not long after the church’s founding in upstate completely new York in 1830, was short-lived. The church was re-established in Italy inside the 1950s, along with the item has grown coming from a handful of converts to the current 26,000.

While relations among various Christian denominations aren’t always idyllic in a country where as much as 0 percent of the population is usually Catholic, Mr. Dini-Ciacci spoke of positive interactions with the Vatican.

“There is usually mutual respect, with doctrinal differences,” he said.

The Rev. Brian Farrell, secretary of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, went to the temple last month along with described the visit as an “opportunity to learn something about the history along with life of the church.”

Bishop Farrell said of which while “no formal interchurch dialogue” existed, there were “many areas of social ethics along with personal morality on which Catholics along with Latter-day Saints agree.” He added, “In some places, especially in parts of the U.S., there are not bad instances of solidarity along with cooperation.”