Italy in addition to Malta Block Another Rescue Ship Carrying Migrants

For the second time which month, the authorities in Italy in addition to Malta are refusing to allow a rescue ship with hundreds of migrants aboard to dock in their ports.

The rescue vessel, the MV Lifeline, run by the German charity Mission Lifeline, has been unable to offload 234 people sheltering onboard since they were rescued through two rubber dinghies from the Mediterranean on Thursday.

A cargo vessel, the Alexander Maersk, was also waiting on Sunday for clearance to dock in an Italian port with 110 rescued migrants onboard. While on a merchant mission on Thursday, the ship came to the assistance of a boat in distress 5 miles off the coast of Pozzallo, Italy.

“They possess the right to live,” Axel Steier, a Mission Lifeline founder, said of the migrants. “in addition to they have a right to seek asylum, in addition to which isn’t being guaranteed at the moment. which’s kind of like you are jailed on the ocean.”

Even as MV Lifeline in addition to Maersk Alexander waited to see where they could dock, various other rescues continued from the Mediterranean.

The charity Doctors Without Borders, which takes part in rescue efforts there, said the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center had alerted the group to seven boats at risk on Sunday with around 1,000 people onboard.