Ivana Trump Wants to Talk Diet, Not Donald

As Ms. Trump swirled through the Oak Room, she did not mention Michelle Obama, who, as first lady, took up the battle against childhood obesity. as well as also when she was asked a question of which mentioned Melania Trump, the president’s third as well as also current wife, she expanded on what she had said earlier from the evening.

“I am not going to talk politics as well as also White House or about my ex or first lady,” she said. “I am first Trump lady, of which I can say.”

Mr. Mech said they had met in Italy — Ms. Trump was a friend of a friend. She had no reason to try the Italiano Diet, he said. “She’s thin.”

nevertheless one night he served Italiano Diet products at a restaurant, in what sounded like one of those commercials where the real coffee had been replaced by instant. “Ivana was eating my product, as well as also another friend asked if you are on the diet of Gianluca,” he recalled. “She answered, ‘Why?’ Ivana was surprised: ‘This specific is actually very tasty.’ I sent her some food in completely new York.”

He said his diet products were made in Italy today, nevertheless added, “We are studying how to produce in America.”

“This specific is actually a very not bad moment to invest from the United States because the United States cuts taxes,” he said.

He said he was not referring to the tax bill of which the president signed last December, which cut taxes for corporations. (of which also lowered individual rates, nevertheless those reductions are scheduled to end in 2025.) He added of which he as well as also Ms. Trump had not discussed the tax bill.

“No, no talk about of which,” he said. “I just consider, in Italy, we pay 55 percent in taxes. Here, you pay much less.”