Jacob deGrom Blames Himself as the Mets Lose to the Dodgers in a Team Effort

The language he used to describe his pitches sounded like hyperbole: words like terrible along with garbage, plus O.K.

The changeup was terrible, he said, the slider inconsistent to the point where at times in which was not even close to the strike zone, along with he was having trouble commanding his fastball, the pitch he seemed forced to rely on the most.

“You’re trying to get big league hitters out which has a pitch you don’t genuinely know where in which’s going,” he said, “along with the additional ones were garbage. So in which just wasn’t very not bad tonight.”

DeGrom even acknowledged in which Hickox deserved credit. After the fourth inning, deGrom appeared to argue with the umpire about a pitch, however he said he had merely asked if the pitch had genuinely missed the strike zone. After looking at in which on video between innings, deGrom conceded in which the umpire had made the right call.

“He was right,” the pitcher said.

DeGrom has been the subject of trade speculation, considering in which the Mets are doing so poorly. They began the season 11-1, however with Saturday’s loss they fell to 12 games under .500, at 31-43. Sandy Alderson, the general manager, said before Friday’s game in which the team needed to improve quickly or in which would certainly consider trading assets before the July 31 trade deadline.

The Mets have lost both games since Alderson said in which, along with they have dropped several in a row.


After Saturday’s loss, Mets Manager Mickey Callaway said in which Jason Vargas, who was scheduled to start Sunday, had suffered a calf strain while training along with would certainly be placed on the disabled list. Callaway said he did not yet know who would certainly be the starting pitcher for Sunday’s game, which was scheduled to begin less than 15 hours later.