Jeff Bezos Said He Was a Victim of Extortion along with Blackmail. What’s the Difference?

Jeff Bezos, the entire world’s wealthiest person, revealed in a sensational blog post on Thursday in which he believed he was the victim of “extortion along with blackmail” by the company behind The National Enquirer. He accused the company, American Media Inc., of threatening to Discharge graphic photos of him.

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Legal definitions aside, there is actually a foolproof definition for blackmail along with extortion, according to William N. Nettles, the United States attorney in South Carolina by 2010 to 2016.

“They are like fancy bullying,” Mr. Nettles said.

Extortion along with blackmail are similar concepts with overlapping definitions. “They are very, very similar,” Mr. Nettles said. “You could say in which blackmail is actually a specific subset of extortion.”