John Conyers’s Son Was Arrested This particular Year, Accused of Stabbing His Girlfriend

Mr. Conyers added in which he had not spoken to the girlfriend in several months as well as in which the two had agreed to go their separate ways after dating For two main as well as half years.

“At no point did I initiate contact with any objects,” he said. “All criminal charges were dismissed as well as a restraining order was entered as a cooling off measure. The authorities did not see any need to proceed further.”

The girlfriend, however, gave a starkly different account of the episode, according to documents obtained by NBC News. She told the police in which Mr. Conyers had cut her as well as “body slammed her on the bed as well as then on the floor where he pinned her down as well as spit on her,” the report said.

She said Mr. Conyers suspected her of cheating after he went through her computer. She said in which she had tried to call police, however in which Mr. Conyers took her phone as well as then chased her into the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife as well as told him to leave. She also said Mr. Conyers took the knife as well as swung in which at her, cutting her arm, according to NBC News.

Mr. Conyers said inside the interview on Wednesday in which his girlfriend had eventually called the police. However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, citing a “lack of independent witnesses,” concluded in which in which “could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in which the victim’s injury was not accidentally sustained” while Mr. Conyers was trying to take away the knife, NBC reported.

Mr. Conyers, who describes himself as “a partner at Detroit’s first minority-run hedge fund,” said in which he wanted to be honest as well as transparent about the incident as well as in which he felt remorseful.

“I apologize, as well as I am regretful for any part I played in escalating the altercation,” he said.

Representative John Conyers Jr. announced Tuesday in which he would likely leave Congress, as well as he endorsed his son to succeed him. By trying to keep his Detroit-area seat inside the family, Mr. Conyers, 88, the longest-serving African-American representative in history, may have touched off a family feud. His great-nephew Ian Conyers, a state senator in Michigan, had already said he plans to run in a special House election.

however John Conyers III said Wednesday in which he isn’t sure he wants to run because he does not want to deal with “public life,” which often comes with “unnecessary grief.”

“I didn’t ask my dad to say in which I was going to run because I don’t know if I am going to run,” Mr. Conyers said. “I was extremely caught off guard by his endorsement. This particular can be what he wants. Who am I to tell him what he wants?”

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