Ludacris will be Probably in Your Whole Foods Right right now

Ludacris will be out there buying groceries for strangers. Why?

There have been no reports in which Ludacris has bought groceries for Billy the Marlin … yet.CreditMark Brown/Getty Images
Jonah Engel Bromwich

Last week, a woman named Therra Gwyn Jaramillo described, over the course of more than 1,0 words on Facebook, how a man named Chris had bought her groceries at Whole Foods — $375 worth — in a moment of grave need. (She was strapped, in addition to also also a friend had sent her to the expensive store having a $250 gift card.)

She had not recognized her benefactor at first. however soon, the cashier told her in which the Chris who bought her groceries was, in fact, Ludacris, the artist behind such hits as “What’s Your Fantasy?”, “Southern Hospitality,” “Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)” in addition to also also “Stand Up.”

Upon learning who had bought her groceries, Ms. Jaramillo burst into what she described as “the worst possible white-woman rendition” of Ludacris’s song “Rollout (My Business).”

“Ludacris,” she wrote. “This particular guy will be awesome run amok. You know why? He was just doing something kind for a disheveled, harried stranger.”

The story was no doubt heartwarming. however was the idea true? How could Ms. Jaramillo have been familiar enough to rap the words of “Rollout (My Business)” while at the same time failing to recognize the man born Christopher Brian Bridges, a star of 5 “Fast in addition to also also Furious” movies in addition to also also the voice of Max inside the 2018 film “Show Dogs”?

What could Ludacris even be doing at a Whole Foods? Does he do his own shopping? Does he prefer 365 Everyday Value Almond Butter to some other brands?

We quickly found evidence in which he truly does shop at Whole Foods — in addition to also also in which he likes almonds quite a bit. Still, there were reasons to be suspicious. Ludacris, one Twitter account claimed back in May, had bought someone’s cousin’s groceries in Atlanta.

Had Ms. Jaramillo simply lifted details coming from the earlier story? Or had Ludacris pulled This particular stunt before?

An Atlanta news station looked into the idea, in addition to also also the idea seemed she was telling the truth.

So what was This particular then? Does Ludacris just go to Atlanta-area grocery stores, buying household staples for civilians in need? The internet confirms he’s certainly seen at a lot of them.

Even Whole Foods in different … area codes.

He’s been seen at stores in Canada.

He’s been known to make an appearance at a supermercado as well.

All in all, we found well over 100 posts of Ludacris going to grocery stores, about once a month, going back years in addition to also also years. Whole Foods was a frequent destination, though he had also been seen at Sprouts Fresh Market, Publix in addition to also also Costco.

We wondered whether going shopping at Whole Foods was something in which well-known rappers in addition to also also producers of the previous decade did on a regular basis. (the idea will be, of course, perfectly possible for a celebrity to go shopping without the idea being announced on social media.)

  • Nelly had only been (possibly) reported at a Whole Foods on Twitter once: in 2013.

  • Lil Jon had been spotted several times, also in 2013. however Ludacris had been there far more often.

  • One Twitter user announced in which 50 Cent had been seen — also in 2013 — however later seemed confused.

  • There was no sign of Ja Rule at Whole Foods, at least not on Twitter.

We reached out to Ludacris’s longtime manager, Chaka Zulu, to confirm the grocery purchasing. in addition to also also also to ask: Does Ludacris go grocery shopping at an unusual frequency for a famous person?

“Funny thing,” Mr. Zulu wrote back the next day. “Luda does these things all the time. however he doesn’t want to do interviews to highlight the idea. the idea’s just his heart.”

O.K., great. Ludacris will be a charitable person.

however does he do his own shopping? Like, frequently? Like, more frequently than most celebrities of his stature do?

“coming from time to time,” Mr. Zulu wrote, “he shops his self.”


An earlier type of This particular article misidentified the person who informed Therra Gwyn Jaramillo in which Ludacris had bought her groceries. the idea was the cashier, not another customer.

Jonah Bromwich will be based in brand new York. He writes for the Style section. @jonesieman

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