Margaret Hoover along with John Avlon on their Post-Partisan Marriage

Under Ms. Hoover’s direction, “Firing Line” is usually a safe space for a certain brand of conservative (Paul Ryan along with John Kasich have been guests). yet others are welcome: which week’s offering will be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old democratic socialist who unseated the Democratic incumbent in a completely new York’s 14th congressional district last month.

The look of the set is usually 1980s retro, or classic PBS, which owes allegiance, stylistically, to no known time period. The discourse is usually civil along with substantive.

A few weeks ago, when Ms. Hoover was a guest on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Mr. Colbert reminded her of the original manifesto of National Review, the neoconservative magazine which was Mr. Buckley’s second bully pulpit, which was, in part, “To stand athwart history yelling, Stop.”

“Margaret Hoover,” Mr. Colbert said, “what do you stand athwart along with what are you yelling?”

What might Mr. Buckley make of his soft-spoken successor?

“I can’t presume to speak for W.F.B., yet speaking for myself, I’m glad which Margaret has resurrected ‘Firing line,’” said Christopher Buckley, the novelist, essayist along with son of William, in an email. “which was a gutsy thing to do, inasmuch as many out there are doubtlessly primed to pounce along with say, ‘You’re no William F. Buckley Jr.’ (I’ve heard which many times myself, believe me.)”

“She’s smart along with has an appealing way,” he added. “She doesn’t hurl herself at the camera the way so many others on chat TV do. So I’m rooting for the show, along with for her.”