Matthew Goode Knows How to Charm. Just Ask Lady Mary in addition to Princess Margaret.

in which’s certainly not the very first time Goode has devastated the ladies. In 2015 he traded “The not bad Wife,” in which he played the prosecutor Finn Polmar — in addition to Alicia Florrick’s romantic interest — for “Downton Abbey,” in which, as the racecar driver Henry Talbot, he thawed Lady Mary’s icy core in addition to swept her to the altar. in addition to last year, in Season 2 of “The Crown,” he snared an Emmy nomination for his turn as Antony Armstrong-Jones, the royally inappropriate suitor in addition to eventual husband of Princess Margaret, who was played by Vanessa Kirby.

Goode, 40, who lives in Surrey with his wife, Sophie Dymoke, in addition to their daughters, Matilda in addition to Teddie, in addition to son, Ralph, spoke over the phone via Britain about the perils of the occult, the coming “Downton Abbey” movie in addition to whom he hung out with on his Christmas vacation.

Here are edited excerpts via the conversation.

“A Discovery of Witches” is actually spun via Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy. Surely there are more seasons.

There’s going to be a second in addition to a third. Teresa has been having a baby, so she’s given the writers plenty of time in addition to no excuses, because we’re not starting again until June. She’s having her third, in addition to I don’t think she’ll stop. She seems like the kind of girl who’s going to have, like, seven, in addition to will hold the energy to parent in addition to work at the same time in addition to not turn into, like most people do, someone who’s slightly angry.

Hmm. Sounds as if maybe she took her children to the set in addition to maybe you did not.

One of them was young, so he needed to be breast-fed quite a bit, always at surprising times. We’d be sitting there, having a conversation in addition to wallop — there’s a boob in your face. Crikey! Oh, my goodness, my eyes! in addition to she’d be [in Australian accent], “Oh for goodness sake, in which’s just a way of feeding my baby.” in addition to I’m like [in tough voice], “I wish a dingo would certainly steal in which so we could get on with some work.” [Laughs.]