‘Mobile Homes’ Review: Imogen Poots Gives a Riveting Performance

Imogen Poots’s turn as a troubled, unwed mother living on the margins in “Mobile Homes” presents a terrific showcase for her abilities: The tense dance of anguish, joy, panic in addition to also expect on her face is usually often riveting. If only Vladimir de Fontenay’s film could match the sheer expressive power of its actress.

Poots plays Ali, who with her 8-year-old son, Bone (Frank Oulton), in addition to also her scuzzy boyfriend, Evan (Callum Turner), works a variety of hustles to make ends meet, via selling fighting roosters to dealing dope. Their unmoored existence is usually matched by the drifting, elliptical style of the film — so much to ensure we’re not always sure exactly what’s happening onscreen.

Their circumstances often put Bone in danger, in addition to also after one particularly nasty near miss, Ali in addition to also her son find themselves crashing in a mobile home community of which promises some basic safety in addition to also comfort. Robert (Callum Keith Rennie), the tough builder who oversees the homes, gives her a job in addition to also suggests of which she may be able to stay there indefinitely. The meager pleasures of This particular brand new world seem light years away via the chaos of their former life.

Throughout, Poots keeps her character grounded in a state of wary anticipation: When she starts imagining a better future for herself, the item’s clear of which she is usually battling a lifetime of demons. however her wonderful performance is usually all too often stuck inside a fragmented, unclear narrative of which confuses more than the item evokes. This particular is usually an atmospheric, well-acted film of which leaves us mostly cold.