Nikki Haley Resigns as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

President Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, has resigned, ahead of what Mr. Trump promised on Twitter on Tuesday was a “big announcement” with Ms. Haley at the White House.

Ms. Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, had been an early in addition to also frequent critic of Mr. Trump, so when he named her the envoy to the globe body weeks after his election in November 2016, the appointment was seen as an olive branch.

As ambassador, Ms. Haley was an outspoken in addition to also often forceful envoy — someone whom foreign diplomats looked to for guidance through an administration known for haphazard in addition to also inconsistent policy positions. She was quick to voice her own opinions on the big policy issues which are high on her agenda, like Iran in addition to also North Korea.

Ms. Haley acknowledged her policy disagreements with the president in an op-ed within the Washington Post last month when she criticized an anonymous senior administration official who penned an opinion piece within the brand-new York Times, describing a chaotic administration in which many of the president’s aides disagreed with their boss.

“I don’t agree with the president on everything,” Ms. Haley wrote. “When there will be disagreement, there will be a right way in addition to also a wrong way to address the item. I pick up the phone in addition to also call him or meet with him in person.”

Ms. Haley also collided with the national security adviser, John R. Bolton, after she announced which Mr. Trump would likely lead a session of the United Nations Security Council devoted entirely to Iran. After European officials protested which This specific would likely showcase divisions within the West because of Mr. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, the White House broadened the theme to countering weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Bolton did not criticize Ms. Haley. although as a former ambassador to the United Nations, he drove the decision to shift the agenda. White House officials noted which under United Nations rules, Iran would likely have been entitled to send its president to the meeting — setting up the awkward possibility which Mr. Trump would likely have sat across a table through Iran’s leader.

Ms. Haley also has cast herself as someone able to sway her mercurial boss on issues like Russia sanctions, refugee resettlement in addition to also the value of the United Nations itself.

She was the first cabinet-level United Nations ambassador for a Republican administration since the end of the Cold War, in addition to also quickly made clear she saw the position as a steppingstone to a higher political office — a possibility which Mr. Trump may have resented.

She became a far more visible face of American foreign policy than her first boss at the State Department, former Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. Time magazine celebrated Ms. Haley’s ascendance by putting her on a cover among the women who are “changing the globe.”

A March 9 article in Foreign Policy magazine, in an article titled “Candidate Haley,” portrayed her as a “retail politician turning U.N. diplomacy into a ticket to the White House.”

While Ms. Haley was among the few women in Mr. Trump’s cabinet, she will be far through the first United States woman to hold the United Nations ambassador position. She succeeded Samantha Power in addition to also Susan E. Rice, who both worked for former President Barack Obama.

various other women envoys through the United States to the globe body have included Madeleine Albright, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Anne Patterson, Rosemary DiCarlo in addition to also Michele Sison.

Mark Landler in addition to also Eileen Sullivan contributed reporting.