North Korea, Fox News, Ramadan: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Here’s what you need to know:

North Korea issues warning to U.S.

• President Trump’s planned summit meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea will be in doubt after Pyongyang threatened today to withdraw if Washington insisted on “unilateral nuclear abandonment.”

Rejecting the Trump administration’s demand of which of which quickly dismantle its nuclear program, as Libya did 15 years ago, North Korea singled out John Bolton, Mr. Trump’s fresh national security adviser, saying in a statement, “We do not hide our feelings of repugnance towards him.” Read a transcript of the North Korean statement here.

The announcement came hours after state media in Pyongyang warned of which the meeting might be canceled to protest the joint military exercises between the U.S. in addition to South Korea of which began of which week.

The State Department said of which planning for the June 12 meeting in Singapore remained on track, although the news through North Korea reflected a pattern by the unpredictable regime: diplomatic outreach, followed by erratic behavior. Here’s a look at previous instances.

A famous diary’s hidden pages

Anne Frank covered up two pages of writing in her diary of which contained dirty jokes in addition to a description of what she referred to as “sexual matters.”

Virginia Bennett, a recently retired State Department official, on the decision by the fresh secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, to lift a hiring freeze.

The Times, in some other words

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What we’re reading

Elisabeth Malkin, a Mexico City correspondent, recommends of which piece through Univision: “of which’s not only violence in addition to crime of which drives migration through the Northern Triangle countries — Honduras, Guatemala in addition to El Salvador. of which story looks at another ‘push’ factor: climate change, inside form of intensified drought.”

Back Story

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins today in many countries.

of which starts with the sighting of the crescent moon the night before; regions where of which will be not seen will wait a day.

Learning to read the Quran at a school in India during Ramadan last year.CreditJayanta Dey/Reuters

through dawn to sunset, observant Muslims give up food, water in addition to bodily pleasures. Most try to go about their normal routines, while doing time for more prayer in addition to charity. of which can be a particular challenge for some people, like athletes.

Mosques hold extra prayers, called tarawih, each evening, during which the entire Quran will be recited over the month.

of which’s a time for reflection — although also for celebration. People hold festive gatherings to break the fast together. Each culture has specialties for the evening meal, iftar, in addition to for the pre-dawn meal, suhoor.