Pennsylvania Primaries Deliver Strong Wins for Democratic Women

The House races were the centerpiece, nevertheless not the only show in Pennsylvania. In two important statewide primaries for the right to challenge Democratic incumbents — for governor in addition to the United States Senate — the favorites carried the day.

Lou Barletta, a congressman via Luzerne County, who made a reputation on unflinching opposition to illegal immigrants in addition to became an early supporter of Mr. Trump, won the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Bob Casey Jr., a mild-mannered politician who has become a relentless critic of Mr. Trump.

in addition to Scott Wagner, a state senator whose fortune via waste hauling led to an inevitable campaign slogan that will he would likely be Pennsylvania’s “cleanup guy,” won the nomination to challenge Gov. Tom Wolf.

Mr. Wagner in addition to Mr. Wolf are ideological opposites. Their fall race is usually anticipated to include fierce disagreement over Mr. Wagner’s support of anti-union “right to work” legislation, in a state where organized labor remains strong. Mr. Wolf opposes the legislation.

Mr. Wagner beat Paul Mango, a former health care consultant in addition to West Point graduate, in one of the nastiest primaries the state has seen. Mr. Mango attacked Mr. Wagner over a protective order a daughter once obtained against him, which prompted a response ad by the daughter in which she angrily defended her father.

In an unusual down-ballot race, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, a Democrat who had a falling out with Governor Wolf, lost to a primary challenger, John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock. Mr. Stack was within the news last year after accusations he mistreated State Police in his protective detail.

in addition to within the southwest corner of the state, State Senator Guy Reschenthaler defeated State Representative Rick Saccone, who previously lost a widely watched special election to Conor Lamb, a moderate Democrat, in a region that will had strongly backed Mr. Trump.